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Example sentences for comfort zone

But their comfort zone is furnished with self-deception.
Stepping out of comfort zone is a huge challenge for students.
Sure, he was talking about subjects within his comfort zone, such as deregulation and tax policy.
People can put up a lot of hardship in terms of living quarters even in today's taken-for-granted comfort zone.
For a lot of reasons this was well outside of my comfort zone.
Regardless of whether she succeeds, it's admirable that she's wandered so far outside her comfort zone.
They could attend a tea ceremony, or go out of their comfort zone to try an exotic new food.
If you stick to your comfort zone, you'll never be able to increase your flexibility.
Go out of your comfort zone and look for ways you wouldn't normally find a job.
Main courses drift toward the comfort zone, with purées and soft polenta to swaddle homey ingredients in a cushiony layer.
The rarity of such accidents provides a comfort zone.
Inflation traps my liquidity and puts me outside of my comfort zone.
Many of my students haven't ventured out of their comfort zone, their familiar surroundings, and their community.
The people, things, and activities that are a part of your daily life define your cultural comfort zone.
The construction squeeze is causing more companies to go outside their normal comfort zone.
Ensures thermostats on heating and air conditioning systems are in comfort zone.
They never take even one step out of their comfort zone as they look at the list of high school courses and decide what to take.
Adventure tourism gains much of its excitement by allowing its participants to step outside of their comfort zone.
Ensures manual adjustments, regulators, and thermostats on heating and air-conditioning systems are in a comfort zone.
These responsibilities may fall outside our expertise or comfort zone.
The first path is to cling to tradition, resist change, and stay in your comfort zone.
Take the pilot out of his or her comfort zone by going to a place with unfamiliar airports, procedures, or terrain.
We must fight these fears by maintaining control of our lives and by finding a new comfort zone of living.
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