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In the nineteenth century, filibusters were rarer than visible comets.
As for comets, conventional wisdom held that they also bombarded the planets during the early eons.
Marigolds and petunias were recast as blazing comets or flying saucers in outer space.
Asteroids, moons and comets have all been added to the stamp album.
Computing offices calculated ballistics trajectories, processed census statistics and charted the course of comets.
Asteroids, comets and meteors are cosmic debris left from the formation of the solar system.
It was later discovered to be one of the biggest and brightest known comets.
In addition, there are thousands of small bodies such as asteroids and comets.
Asteroids and comets in nearby space pose a constant threat to our planet.
Comets are seen as the building blocks of the solar system.
However, the moon is bombarded by water-laden comets and meteoroids.
The cosmic crash could have created a trailing debris field similar to that found behind comets.
Water could only get hot if it is closer to the star than where the comets and icy planets would have existed.
Other levels involve flying though giant lotus flowers, or blowing up comets with swipes of cosmic energy.
Astronomers here observe the universe by studying faint radio waves emitted by stars, evaporating comets, and distant galaxies.
Amateurs have invented new telescopes, kept tabs on variable stars and discovered comets.
Today, astronomers in both hemispheres scan the skies looking for rogue asteroids and comets.
Which leads to the conclusion that the water probably came from comets.
In any case, it's quite fascinating how they tracked the orbits of comets back so far based only on current observations.
Such evidence could help scientists gauge the danger posed today by medium-size comets or asteroids.
Main-belt comets reside in the asteroid belt but feature cometlike tails thought to arise from sublimating ice.
Most of the annual meteor showers are caused by debris left behind by comets.
Though not usually called planets, even comets could be thought of as small, icy planets.
Initially they suspected the star's heat must be evaporating comets or even dwarf planets to produce the water.
Craters are the result of impacts by asteroids, comets and meteorites.
Regarding comets tails, if the objective is interstellar voyages there comes a point where stellar winds become obstructed.
It attracts and absorbs or gravitationally flings away many threatening asteroids, comets, and meteoroids.
And to use them to thwart whatever comets the divine creator may see fit to throw at us.
Another theory centers on water-laden comets and meteorites hitting the moon.
Both comets and asteroids, he knew, are rich in iridium.
We're probably going to supply the moon and the habitat on the moon with water from comets.
Impacts of comets or asteroids-- collectively known as bolides--are an important part of the history of the solar system.
We have precious few closeup images of comets, so this is bound to be a terrific event.
For another, it developed two distinct tails, which happens in comets fairly often.
But in many cases, comets have two tails: one made of dust, and another made of gas.
One way is to take advantage of the fact that asteroids and especially comets are rich in organic compounds.
It might seem implausible that our planet's water supply arrived incrementally as cargo on board comets or asteroids.

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