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It would be well if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trivial comedy or farce.
But the dispiriting, uninspired sameness of romantic comedy strikes me as something of a scandal.
Ashamed, he burned all extant copies of it, a treatise on comedy.
Comedy is not really a field in which practice makes perfect.
Go troll on a comedy website instead of acting any more of a fool here.
We revel in our my delusion of someday having my own comedy show.
It is a comedy and clearly exaggerates a bit, but their depiction of science nerds rings true.
And, as anyone who's ever been to a comedy club can attest, alcohol and laughs go hand in hand.
Interestingly, comedy is also an important tool used by magicians to manipulate attention in time.
It remains to be seen if crowdsourced pilot development will improve prime-time comedy.
Potter sports a brand of racism so extravagantly self-serving that it goes beyond evil to comedy.
Spontaneous humor can relieve tension and be helpful to you, but you're not auditioning to star at a comedy club.
If you happened to stand outside them, as a foreigner always did, then life could be a continuous comedy.
Enjoy this saucy mix of burlesque, comedy, and dinner circus.
He surrounded himself with family and friends, watched numerous comedy films and sought out positive affirmations.
Alcoholism is a sensitive subject, and he treads carefully the ironic line between tragedy and comedy.
He is probably the hottest entertainer in the comedy business now.
Maybe such nuance doesn't fit into a network's plan, but it's great for comedy.
Booking a politician on a comedy show is another way to soften his image.
Rapp is writing a kind of spiritual slapstick comedy.
The one fault commonly imputed to it is that it has too grave a motive for a comedy of manners.
The plays which he dignifies by the name of comedy are, one and all, the broadest of broad farces.
Comedy plays a large role in the genre, with humorous crime-scene details and serial killers tossing off one-liners.
It's a comedy about two über-nerdy physics researchers who live together in an apartment.
Be it in sports or comedy, they say that timing is everything.
It shows up in many myths and tales, it's perfectly all right if actor plays one especially if it is a comedy.
One the woo-woo comedy network with only non-woo-woo ads and frequent disclaimers, smack downs, etc.
The food is a little scarier, but the comedy is better.
It's an obscure field of comedy, to be sure, but the mixture of humor and ego is a fine blend.
It would be a laughable comedy, were it not so tragically egotistical yet ineffective.
Not quite the laugh-out-loud gag-a-minute comedy that the trailers seemed to advertise.
We don't need your poetry, childhood story, or comedy.
Given a chance to show off her flair for comedy, she demonstrates that she too is capable of precise effects.
Until you started working on this show, you were best known for the redneck part of your comedy routine.
But comedy writers are far more interested in impressing other comedy writers than in pleasing an audience.
When a movie mixes special effects and comedy, comedy loses.
In its original meaning, burlesque signified a comedy that parodied its original source.
Right now the film company is remaining tight lipped on the plot of the comedy-drama genre show, or an exact release date.
Ed said he will continue to dabble in stand-up comedy as he has done over the years.

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