comedic in a sentence

Example sentences for comedic

She's not above taking the occasional comedic pratfall.
My point is, the best way to respond to absurdist and comedic political protests is with a bit of humor, not sanctimoniousness.
Not everyone can recognise satire or comedic exaggeration when they see it.
Their captivity was at times terrifying, at times darkly and absurdly comedic, and often uncertain.
But he also joined a gift for quick, clever, complex dialogue with a brilliant comedic physicality.
The comedic element of these videos brings your guard down a bit and helps you remember that these are people being abused.
But this would be an affront to how our comedic tastes and sense of humor have changed.
But the comedic element persists in even the direst of dramas.
But it also leads to comedic moments when his audience believes unfortunate things.
It's a well known comedic device to intentionally misspell names when pretending to having trouble recalling famous people.
One well-known comedic actress stood up to declare she'd been burgled six times.
Rather than comedic persuasion, these scientists are using a dot of laser light.
The opera depicts a serious opera company and a comedic troupe performing at the same time during a dinner party.
They bring pitch perfect comedic timing and some wit and wisdom to the mix.
Each episode includes an outrageous comedic plot and in-depth information about the food's history and culture.
His sage advice, comedic wit and engaging smile will be missed.
We expect to feature a comedic entertainer, so please join us for an evening of satiric fun.
The folly of her decision quickly becomes apparent when the journey begins and comedic chaos ensues.
Actors will present either a dramatic or comedic monologue of their choosing.
Presentations range from comedic theater in one of the well-known comedy clubs, to more serious productions on famous stages.
Actors entertain and communicate with people through their interpretation of dramatic, comedic, and other roles.
Sing and/or dance during dramatic or comedic performances.
Despite the collection of comedic chops on stage, the spoof isn't trying to be funny.
He's a really skilled comedic actor, and we're lucky to have him.
His cheerful comedic style seemed antique compared with the grouchiness of those two audio superstars.
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