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Now, on this night, people laugh at a comedian who comes to them from the days when films were silent.
He was named after his grandfather who was a comedian and prankster.
But the comedian and the tragedian lived within the same surprisingly delicate skin.
Relying on seductive art to draw in your audience is akin to a comedian swearing.
Every stand-up comedian develops a unique method for honing jokes.
When it comes to anecdotes illustrating the pitfalls of today's supply chains, he has the delivery of a stand-up comedian.
On the back foot, her denials and obfuscations are a comedian's parody.
It is without a doubt-especially as a comedian-it's a marker.
Family friendly comedian will be performing throughout the afternoon.
She once thought about growing up to be a carpenter, or perhaps a stand-up comedian.

Famous quotes containing the word comedian

Today's comedian has a cross to bear that he built himself. A comedian of the older generation... more
We are living in the machine age. For the first time in history the comedian has been compelled to supply h... more
What the Journal posits is not the tragic question, the Madman's question: "Who am I?", but the comic question, the Bewi... more
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