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They could come up with names for the countries that they create.
But she hadn't come up with a design yet she was totally pleased with.
Any one accountant is unlikely to come up with exactly the same figure for a company's profit as any other.
The next step is to come up with a clear strategy-and then stick to it.
Copying nature's ideas allows people to harness the power of evolution to come up with clever products.
They have come up with one so preposterous they might have been better off simply issuing a decree.
Many companies therefore offer incentives to their employees to come up with patentable ideas.
The sustainability champions also encourage their workers to come up with green ideas.
These cities-many with acres of abandoned property-are finally and desperately trying to come up with stabilising plans.
The aim is to come up with something that patients wishing to commit suicide can make themselves.
Some cities have come up with specific targets for efficiency.
They've come up with a mini-restaurant in wine-bar drag, proof that wine bars have evolved too fast for nomenclature to keep up.
It's one thing to come up with an idea that could change the world, it's something else to actually make something of it.
Absent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, you'll come up with a pretty good prediction.
Policymakers have to take the best information that scientists can come up with and make difficult decisions.
He spent years on the project but was never able to come up with an effective repellent.
It will definitely take funding because you have to come up with a mechanism to collect this water.
We come up with new ways of seeing the world and new ways of being in the world.
And it may have finally come up with ways to make it a profitable business.
Admittedly it is relatively easy to come up with hypotheses about tail function.
Most of them don't have make-up artists, so they do their own make-up, and they come up with this color coordination.
Someone needs to come up with the correct number, for sure.
Eventually someone else would have put two and two together and come up with the same conclusion.
Everyone could have their own experiments and come up with something different.
He also had to come up with long-range plans to make it worthwhile for families to return.
Lee's critics have never come up with a logical explanation.
The contest asked children nationwide to come up with an easy way to memorize this new celestial line-up.
They start their own club to come up with different ideas on easy ways to get rich, but they couldn't come up with anything.
And because temperatures are so high at the ultra-deep level, mine operators must come up with new ways to keep their miners cool.
The sooner wildlife officials come up with a solution for ridding the pond of the fish, the better.
Traveler investigated hundreds of wellness destinations worldwide to come up with the following selections.
Have students interview their relatives, using the questions they've come up with.
Yet during the past few decades, researchers have come up with intriguing insights.
Some critters have come up with even wackier ways to get from place to place.
Then have students try to come up with some examples of fossil evidence to make inferences about possible animal interactions.
If you have differences of opinion it stimulates others to do more research and come up with an answer in the end.
It's always possible-and usually likely-that you can come up with something better.
Have them brainstorm ideas and come up with a working definition in their group.
They also have a whole entire group to help come up with ideas.
Ask students to come up with their own ideas about how the chiru might be saved.
We have been asked to come up with creative solutions for increasing revenue, without increasing tuition.
So, think of it that way: don't come up with a perfect answer to a question they might never ask.
We need our professional societies, governmental agencies, or university leaders to come up with reasonable guidelines.
It takes a considerable amount of knowledge to come up with meaningful kinds of comparisons.
If you keep working with your topic, you will eventually come up with something that works.
These factors are then measured against their base salaries to come up with five finalists.
But scientists may have come up with a way to get decaffeinated coffee straight from the plant.
Blue butterfly caterpillars have come up with clever ways to exploit that system.
Researchers have come up with clever ways to prevent such damage.
And so they often combine already good things to come up with newer, seemingly even better things.
Until now, no one had come up with a way to wed thermal and solar cell conversion technologies.
The investigators used genetics to come up with an answer.
Coker has come up with a recipe for success called the branded viral movie predictor algorithm.
If geophysicist can't come up with an early detection system then their funding should be better used elsewhere.
They come up with all kinds of pricing models pegged with different degrees of convenience and control.
Photosynthesis cannot be that inefficient, as it is the best method that billions of years of evolution has come up with.
Half the students were told to come up with novel solutions, and the rest were asked to stick with something more tried-and-true.
In the far future, observers will come up with the best laws of physics they can come up with.
They've even come up with language to address the problem between perception and belief.
The point is, not many people come up with a plan as ambitious as this one.
But they will want to come up with a rationale for letting the law stand that does not give the feds carte blanche.
Kids also have the chance to design menus and come up with other ideas for vegetarian entrees.
The only real sin at play here is sloth--that is, the sloth of the pastry chefs who come up with these one-note menus.
In fact, it's unlikely they ever would have come up with a plan.
Each has had to come up with her own tentative, often unsatisfactory explanation and way of coping.
Our distinguished panel has now reviewed all the entries this year and come up with some winners.
Think about it as doing them a favor and it will be much harder to come up with excuses to not call.
Once you've made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan.
They had independently come up with the same idea and were in the early stages of starting a similar company.
Thinking about it overnight, he could come up with no particular reason either to reject or to endorse the match.
My uncle's boss had come up with his overdue paycheck.
He has come up with surprisingly unconventional ways of conducting his studies.
We work alone, and come up with ten new ideas a week, hundreds a year.
Now he has come up with another, and one cannot but agree with him.
In preparation for the trip, the writer had come up with a list of nine dishes he felt he had to try.
In every contest, lots of them come up with a general sort of funny idea.
Pharmaceutical companies rely more and more on partnerships with small biotechs to come up with new drugs.
See, you can't come up with a funny caption if you don't come up with any captions at all.
Single-panel cartoons without any words are the hardest to come up with.
He had asked interns to come up with a range of short and long names to simulate the actual ones.
If you wanted to buy the place, you would probably have to come up with two or three million dollars.
If cartoons are ever to break into the fine art marketplace we'll have to come up with more arcane terminology.
The beauty part is that no one can know what the delegates would come up with-which is why the idea has won such broad support.
Or you could consider him an auteur even of the cartoons whose ideas he did not directly come up with.
She took over two and a half years ago and the company has not come up with one brilliant idea since.
It would be pleasant to report that the author has come up with a new concept of happiness, full of original insight.
He's an artist, after all, and thought he could come up with a better image than his initial cell-phone snapshot.
Uncertainty is good for creativity, and creativity is sometimes useful when trying to come up with an idea.
For one thing, it provides an easily comprehensible standard: without it, we'd need to come up with new ways of measuring risk.
From that one snap-that one moment in time-they have to come up with a three-minute story.
No one, however, has been able to come up with an alternative to the current strategy that doesn't carry great risks.
What our study concludes is that those who claim they are doing so need to come up with some more convincing proof.
There is no pressing reason for them to come up with a formal agenda.
It is also a more peaceful one than anything the ants themselves come up with.
The real trouble with the review lies in his failure to come up with an adequate measure.
If relatives back home cannot come up with the money quickly enough, the kidnap victims are killed.
Conveniently, we've come up with a metric to help you decide which category you fall in.
Comedy of that caliber probably took them up to minutes to come up with.
Not many committees in history have come up with such crystalline prose.
It's fun to come up with songs over a script, you know, because you have a story there.
She even managed, through a contact, to come up with a list of some of the jurors' addresses.
And if he can come up with a better line and the director thinks it's a better line, then they'll probably use it.
Maybe now, after the shock of a professional setback, you'll be able to come up with a voice to match it.
Competent lawyers will probably come up with reasons.
No, it's an original concept the three of us have come up with.
And he's come up with some really amazing stunt innovations.
No set designer could have come up with anything grimmer, or grimier, for a hooker to be murdered in.
Demos finally have come up with a counter proposal to our tax program.
Make sure you get their input and come up with a clear set of criteria that reflect a shared vision.
It did not take long for our officers to come up with a plan to make his dream come true.
Environmental scientists look at pollution and other environmental problems and come up with solutions.
It does seem to be the answer regulators can come up with.
Experts from around the world were brought in to come up with a solution.
But archeological testing of the area failed to come up with evidence of the site.
They come up with great ideas, help you find your sense of humor and put things in perspective.
But the governor hasn't come up with the needed funding, which is far from guaranteed.
They announced that they had come up with a way of triggering chemical reactions molecule by molecule.
But no one had bothered to come up with a standard definition for diagnosing the condition.
Researchers have come up with an idea: cancel out the shriek of a drill to cancel out the fear.
Let us now wait for the accursed industry to come up with a whole lot of justifications to convince us otherwise.
If you talk to other allergists, you might not come up with the same approach.
Physicists have come up with a way to process information faster than the speed of light.
The true answer is to come up with a different answer entirely.
So far, scientists have come up with three likely candidates.
None of that is stopping forecasters surging ahead and to their credit, they have come up with a way to test their ideas.
But it's much harder to imagine how to use this way of thinking to come up with useful strategies for coaches and players.
You'd think that because they are poor and stuff, that they would be motivated to come up with ways to help themselves.
Imagine you're a pharmaceutical college and you needed to come up with a name for your sports team.
The madness of gambling is based on the belief that either the player will win or somehow come up with the money if he loses.

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