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Example sentences for come out

The lowly bivalve, it seems, has come out of its shell.
Some seeps down to the water table, whence it may come out of the tap.
Nothing can come out of nothing, any more than a thing can go back to nothing.
For fifty years she had never come out of this tower and every one believed her to be dead or enchanted.
Explain that the rock on the island is lava that has come out of the volcano and cooled.
Eventually, the sun will come out and he will move out of the shadows and into the light for all the world to see.
Geckos that come out at night have three kinds of super-size cones.
They come out only at night to feed on sponges and algae.
The stars had come out, and the only sound was of dogs baying in the distance.
Only good things can come out of students having this opportunity.
Stay on target and you'll come out on top of the world.
Its physics, not magic, that causes more light to come out than went in.
Unrestricted giving sure is a big win for development officers, but donors often come out unhappy.
Moreover, its students do come out saddled with excessive debt-that is, if they graduate at all.
They don't come out for other people who open these books over the years.
Keep in mind that if a department is dysfunctional, it is not likely to come out in a one day interview.
Then a new radar detector would come out to help drivers evade it.
We don't know exactly how that's going to come out yet.
They had gone to graduate school themselves and come out winners, so my plan matched their own career choices.
It may come out that she has a history of mental problems, but if so it hasn't been reported.
Maybe the author shouldn't have come out swinging at non-adopters, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.
The extra blankets have already come out of the storage tote, and one is on the bed and the others are in the closet.
Divided by four, it would come out to seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for each of them.
So that is a big and enduring contribution-some amount of fluctuation does come out of a perfectly functioning economy.
Astronomy and physics have come out of our wonder at the points of light in the darkness.
Hence he could pedal sans performance improving drugs and still come out the winner.
Most probably new deadly disease will come out and dormant disease will surge.
Other hot gases come out in the form of white smoke.
Based on the last two centuries democracy seemed to come out on top.
It costs to have the team come out and film and also costs to subscribe to watch the videos.
Maybe that's why vampires only come out at night- their clothes are made of this stuff.
And the conclusions or hypothesis that come out of this kinds of studies are almost always proved wrong in the future.
There are no enemies people are struggling to come out of their past cultural backgrounds learn to help them and yourselves.
The amazing thing is not that the cosmologists come out with such bizarre theories.
What will come out on the other side, only the future knows.
Over the last few weeks, we've seen a number of high-profile studies come out looking at global climate that refer to a mystery.
Then maybe more virtual bands will come out and do the same thing.
New editions come out periodically, but it is a pretty standard specialty dictionary that every lawyer has in his or her library.
Countries that come out badly from the tables may not default, of course.
Developing countries have come out of the recession stronger than anyone had expected.
And he suggests that four members of the ruling coalition were going to switch sides and come out in support of him.
Hundreds if not thousands of business books come out every year, all with glowing press releases and effervescent puffs.
She thinks that the country needs one of its leaders to come out against smoking.
It would be contentious to say that nothing of consequence has ever come out of the countryside.
Two have been release and the rest will come out gradually.
Then as you get into more adult relationships, the songs come out in different ways.
Her pilgrimage out there did not come out of nowhere.
The sweets come out in golden brown sheets and are cut into cubes by the retail shop workers.
The signs on those roads don't come out and say that, however.
And it is nearly certain that few of them-and few industries based on them-will come out of computer and information technology.
Coffee beans are fresh when they come out of the roaster.
Nicky told me that she was admitting her deception now because she was aware that her lie might come out during the campaign.
That's part of what the bus trip was about: a siren's song to those strapped to the mast to come out and play.
These studies come out a few years, some outraged journalists cover them, and then.
There were, however, a few interesting moments to come out of the hearing.
He made hand gestures to ask for things, but the words that swam around in his head could not come out of his mouth.
Then it must be pretested again, until the statistics come out right.
Meanwhile, he was turning down big money to come out of retirement.
They will come out with cars that get gradually better mileage as the market will bear, so that they can make the maximum profit.
But this would be a big project, and unending as new literature come out daily.
Despite having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle the charges, the companies have probably come out well ahead.
The fascination with an etiolated economic vocabulary did not come out of nowhere.
Modern whale babies come out tail first to prevent drowning.
Sometimes a few papers come out more closely together than at other times.
The answer suggested that more shake up could come out of this evidence.
There are points in the video where you can clearly see a large air bubble come out of the guys face-mask.
If they can not make it, it will clearly come out in grad school.
And none of those reasons have anything to do with wanting the answer to come out a particular way.
Some day the truth will come out until then, low res images, etc will be easy to produce to try to convince the majority.
Chris has not to my knowledge willing to come out and say dogma is incompatible with the scientific method.
Then, on the set, ideas would come out of left field from either one of us.
He would prefer that this story not come out before his wedding.
Success and failure come out to exactly the same thing in the cartoon.
One day they'll fall into a malaria coma-fever, convulsions-and never come out of it.
We were told to wait, that someone would come out and get us.
Carnival ships come out from dry dock with more wet thrills.
The good teams come out of it quicker than the weaker ones, but we're all in it at some point.
Grab your blankets and lawn chairs and come out to enjoy the show.
Please come out and enjoy a the choose and cut experience.
She has a fairy wand and hair of spun gold, and when she laughs her tinkly laugh, tiny silver bubbles come out of her mouth.
There are studies that come out that say obesity is actually good for you and those that say exercise doesn't do you any good.
They are running more candidates who have been emboldened to come out of the closet as believers themselves.
Athletes often come out of nowhere, give you a surprising season or two, then take their rightful place back in obscurity.

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