come across in a sentence

Example sentences for come across

Come across the border and tour the famous city known for its new art community and outrageous buildings.
But he didn't come across sometimes as real knowledgeable and a player's type of guy.
None of them come across as confident, smart leaders.
Once every thousand entries they come across an error, a piddling five cents one way or the other.
These efforts still come across obstacles and have not yet been crowned with success.
In professional contexts they come across as rude and/or disinterested.
The key point would be to include something a little different, and come across as diversified.
File away any interesting textbooks and syllabi that you come across for future reference.
You'll come across sounding as if you are siding with or against someone.
Also, don't come across as critical of students or fellow instructors, or even academia itself.
Similarly, using all uppercase may come across as shouting.
Here are some cool digital archives or archive-related projects we've come across lately.
There are ageist individuals, fingers crossed you don't come across them.
Try to not even think it, so that you don't come across as arrogant or condescending.
It has old antique stores, where one can come across anything from vintage clothes to antique art pieces to furniture.
In your research paper, you come across as pretty savvy with regard to the terminology and technology of information.
Those who cut down others because they don't agree come across to me as weak and insecure.
When they do their research with engineering firms they come across gender and cultural stereotypes within corporate cultures.
The problem was that a smirking sense of humor can, shockingly, come across as obnoxious.
It's awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same out of date rehashed information.
The zealots, bigots and creeps on both sides come across with equal clarity.
Every so often, though, the researchers come across a bit of jam.
They look through things in sequence and when they come across an item that meets their aspiration level they go for it.
When efficient-market theorists come across a market anomaly, they tend to dismiss it in one of three ways.
He was offended to come across rusty bolts, or so-called free-climbers setting advance protection for themselves.
Surely, you've come across some great pegboard as well as hangers and hooks that work well.
Your blood won't be flowing so fast and that will come across as more confident and more poised.
He wants to come across as pro-choice, but not radically so.
The right-wing townsfolk, artsy theater people and visiting hippies come across as the shallowest stereotypes.
But hers does not, on first perusal, come across as a serious work.
His unusual self-defense role also gives him a chance to come across as an unsinister personality to jurors.
These sniping, kvetching dinner companions come across as an insufferable collection of overprivileged, feckless whiners.
And in striving for expressive restraint, he could sometimes come across as stiff.
If he happened to come across anything in the typeface, he would look away.
He doesn't come across as a writer with a conscious mind trying to construct an argument.
Clean-up crews who come across materials used to make the drug can be burned, or their lungs damaged from inhaling fumes.
Still others simply choose the first caregiver or facility they come across based on price and convenience.
It is highly suggested your party brings rope in case you come across an obstruction that has not been mapped.
If you don't need it, your hiking partner or someone you come across might.

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