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As to the attractiveness of wind farms, people do seem to come down on one side or the other rather vehemently.
Come with me now, lady, that you may both enter into your heart's delight-you that have suffered so much of affliction.
Blanketing a heartwarming stew with a flaky brown crust is a great idea whose time has come.
Risotto's characteristic creaminess and chewiness come from the rice itself, and risotto rice is no ordinary rice.
Finally he called a neighbor to come over and join the daily trek.
The best board jockeys in the world come for breakers bigger than your house.
Containers come in a dazzling array of shapes, colors, and materials.
Most of us are pretty good at separating our camellias from our lobelias, but sometimes wildflowers don't come as easily.
These recipes come together differently, but they share a result: spicy, fork-tender meat.
The traps come with instructions showing correct placement.
Flowers of the evergreen hybrids come in shades of purple with dark flecks and last well in bouquets.
Regardless of its type, any fertilizer you buy will come with information about the nutrients it contains.
Many perennials will come back pretty reliably for several years in the same container.
When the palms come into view, they are both underwhelming and miraculous.
Unlike a formal sit-down dinner party, an open house lets people come and go as their busy schedules allow.
When asked for directions they come to life, putting away the tea and describing the path with energetic and firm gestures.
They catch seals as they come up to breathe or climb onto the ice.
None of these advances or the suggestion of future advances has come without controversy.
Come for this walk-through and gallery talk to get an insider's perspective on the work.
The time has come to expose them for what they are: alien invaders.
Come morning, watching the sun rise over the whittled canyon was as mesmerizing as watching waves roll in.
It really is an honor to be able to come and help bring this city back.
As the seasons come and go, so too does faculty dissatisfaction with the biannual ritual of having students evaluate our teaching.
Certainly that sentiment will not come as news to librarians.
Most know how unforgiving a field it is for those judged to have come up short.
The new dean will come into the role poised to build on the momentum forged in a period of dynamic change.
The old guy in the corner at a college party can come off as creepy.
If someone's sitting in a room, they've already come in to do it.
So, think of it that way: don't come up with a perfect answer to a question they might never ask.
In professional contexts they come across as rude and/or disinterested.
We prevail upon candidates to investigate the opportunity we're offering and then come to the table to discuss it.
Once you have been nominated, spaces are awarded based on a first-come-first-serve process in terms of payment.
He was allowed one phone call, and asked his relatives to come and pick up the dog.
After such a long, dry fall, the winter has come in without knocking.
Looking at a portable communication device, it's not immediately apparent why it would come to be called a cellular phone.
He'd counted head that morning and come up one short.
On our golden anniversary we'd dig it up and show it to our children and grandchildren to prove that dreams can come true.
My goal is to use photography to do the kind of high-impact journalism readers have come to expect on other pages of this site.
He'd come back and the same thing: she wouldn't care.
Had one come up in the service elevator, though, an unmistakable aroma would have given a vital clue.
In all these categories, few other nations of comparable size and economic development even come close.
He walked out the back door and did not come home that night.
Hindsight suggests there were hints of eruptions to come even before the courtship.
It felt and sounded as if a thousand had come at them at once, from close range and continuing without letup.
And it looks as if we'll be building on this achievement for years to come, because what made it possible is self-reinforcing.
She brings her whole sensibility to a project, and her notes come from the heart as well as from the head.
But he is also practical, and no dummy when dealing with the machinations that come with fame and power.
The electricity to charge may come from a source that creates emissions, but that's not the fault of the car.
Physicists have come up with a way to process information faster than the speed of light.
Instead, a medical doctor has come along to tell us that our touchscreens are hurting us.
So while motorcycles could help reduce oil consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions, these gains come at the price of dirtier air.
Next could come frost-resistant produce and smoother ice cream.
For ill patients, breakthroughs in tissue-engineered organs can't come soon enough.
For a few years, it seemed that the time had finally come for a car that could be recharged rather than refilled.
Modern whale babies come out tail first to prevent drowning.
The warning signs become more ominous as a patient's symptoms come and go.
Someone, at some time, had to come up with the bright idea of crops.
The faces of addiction come in every color and gender.
Some groups invite you to come talk to them, but it seems that you actively seek out researchers as well.
Schizophrenia seems to come from out of nowhere to devastate minds.
Their origin is not understood, but they come from every direction in space, traveling at almost the speed of light.
Drawing on real-world data, his team developed a model showing that hot spots come in two varieties.
Tubes for creating an airway come in different sizes.
When chimps do venture outside the park, they come into contact with people.
Of course, some of the strength of the silk must come from the protein molecules that make it up.
From deep space, cosmic rays come fast and pack a heck of a punch.
But not everyone knows that more than half our prescription drugs come from chemicals found in plants.
As a rule, future food does not come from the ground.
He likes to sleep late and warned me not to come too early.
Of coarse he didn't come up with all of his ideas, but he understood them amazingly well and brought it to life.
It points to the road where no one has ever come back.
Or to use an old-fashioned term that has come back into common use, it triggered a financial panic.
With the crescendo come the nods of the converted, at first hesitant, then quick.
With the nods come shouts of affirmation and exultation.
Yet anyone who's shopped for a whisk recently knows that they come in an overwhelming array of designs these days.
Don't despair if the cake stubbornly refuses to come out of the pan.
Although trends come and go, chocolate mousse never fails to impress.
It must have come from one of those grand old homes with a big scullery kitchen and servants.
So the recipe for this puffy corn omelet is sure to come in handy.
Changes, when they do occur, come slowly and almost imperceptibly.
Another way is to let the butter first come to a froth and a fume, then in with the meat.
Do not allow the water over which the sauce is cooking to come to a boil.

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