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Combustion and propagation processes are then simulated in order to predict the spread of the fire.
Indoor flaws can leak combustion gases, creating a fire and health hazard.
The fire it causes may not be as easy to extinguish as a normal combustion fire.
The inner workings of an internal combustion engine have rarely been seen as clearly, or as entertainingly.
We smelled the carcinogenic gases released by spontaneous combustion within mounds of decaying refuse.
Not only does this permit better scavenging, the turbulence also promotes combustion.
Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production.
Because it vaporizes plastic rather than burning it, the process also creates less emissions than conventional combustion.
Once ignited, combustion would propel the torpedo to its target, where it might explode.
Spontaneous combustion is supposed to have been the cause.
No electricity or internal combustion engines for them.
Even with more advanced designs, poorly insulated combustion chambers can add to the cooling effect and thus to the inefficiency.
Its shell is designed to produce maximum combustion.
Combustion engines may be adapted to use hydrogen and/or gasoline using a double injection system.
It proved an internal combustion engine could power a vehicle and a human being could control it.
Consequently, the hammering in the combustion chambers became so violent that a connecting rod was damaged.
Hydrogen-powered fuel cells are also far more energy efficient than traditional combustion technologies.
Electric vehicles may be the future, but internal combustion isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Flawed eyes and faulty limbs had conspired on this day, and combustion was spontaneous.
These irregularities make combustion inefficient, which increases both fuel consumption and pollution.
When the stored energy of the battery dropped below a certain threshold, the processor would ignite combustion of one pellet.
Decouple the camshaft from the valves, and combustion halts.
It is the combustion of fossil fuels to drive a conventional aircraft that makes them so noisy.
NO combustion process for converting fuel to forward motion is perfect.
But researchers say lasers can ignite an internal combustion engine's fuel-air mixture far more efficiently than spark plugs.
Other technologies concentrate on purifying the smoke created during combustion.
Internal combustion will remain the dominant technology for the near future.
In addition, the engine has a relatively narrow cylinder bore, which lets the combustion flame reach the cylinder's edge sooner.
As of now the main problem is not sound but air pollution that is caused by the exhaust of internal combustion engines.
Electric vehicles are getting a lot of attention lately, but internal combustion isn't going away anytime soon.
Eventually, it is hoped, fuel cells running on hydrogen will take the place of the ubiquitous internal combustion engine.
Fuel cells are two to three times as efficient as combustion engines.
When the driver hits the brakes, the combustion engine shuts off and energy generated during braking is stored in the flywheel.
All the more so when it is based on fuel cells that convert hydrogen direct to electricity without combustion.
We had slipped into a part of the world that mercifully the internal combustion engine had failed to conquer.
During the internal combustion process, hydrogen needs more volume.
Sometimes combustion has begun where nobody wanted it.
The cylinders and cylinder heads were a single component, with hemispherical combustion chambers.
The need for this kind of starter for an internal combustion engine was obvious.
In the great combustion engine of democracy, the letter to the editor is probably the smallest working part.
No polluting emissions or greenhouse by-products would result from its combustion.
Cold fusion is nonsense, and the internal combustion engine will be with us for a long time to come.
More energy in fact that can ever be returned by combustion or electrochemical reaction.
The same is true for any internal combustion engine.
Folks seem bent upon making electric cars the same as internal combustion cars only electric.
Not an easy task given the combustion engine's more than century-long head start.
They are byproducts of combustion reactions, released into the air largely through industrial processes.
Those gains have been the stuff of sweat, not spontaneous combustion.
But as hybrids prove, it's the countless small ways that are making internal combustion engines greener.
He said there are obstacles to making cars powered with hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.
Electric drivetrains are smaller and lighter than combustion engines.
With electrification and the development of the internal-combustion engine, there were new ways to move people and goods around.
Around the city, garbage dumps steam with the combustion of natural gases, and auto yards glow with fires from fuel spills.
Build in a special gearbox which combines the output of the motor with that of an internal-combustion engine.
These two, simple measures improve the circulation of air within a kiln, and thus the process of combustion.
These include heat from the partial combustion, a gaseous mixture called syngas that can be burned as fuel, and a heavy oil.
Or the continued widespread use of utterly inefficient internal-combustion engines for transport.
Better still, being electrically powered instead of relying on an internal-combustion engine, they can be used indoors.
Fuel-cell engines use chemical reactions to produce electricity, instead of burning fuel, as internal-combustion engines do.
The small combustion engine uses an electric generator and a super-powered electric motor to drive the propeller.
Hydrocarbons and internal combustion engines are an old paradigm.
When the beetle needs protection, the chemicals flood the combustion chamber.
Indoors the major combustion source is environmental tobacco smoke.
Internal combustion engines will be built way in to the distant future.
As thick and clumpy as the stuff presently is, it won't support combustion by itself.
The overheat threshold is significantly lower than the combustion point of anything in the printer or the room it's in.
The emissions of ammonia combustion are nitrogen and water.
These are also the products of ammonia combustion so you can recycle them forever.
It is the product of respiration and complete combustion.
Use the hydrogen within an external combustion engine to produce electricity.
They recorded the sounds made by an approaching hybrid vehicle and by a car with a standard, internal combustion engine.
We need better combustion, controlled by microprocessors, which is not the whole solution but a big step in the right direction.
Not to mention a billion combustion engines heating up the air, polluting it and using up oxygen.
For heavy acceleration and high speed, these vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
We also need to convert all internal combustion vehicles to natural gas and gasoline hybrids.
After a century's dominance, the fossil-fuel-powered internal combustion engine is facing serious challengers.
Electrical power generation is far more efficient than internal combustion automotive engines.
Indeed, the battery lab occupies space once devoted to internal combustion power-train development.
Lately it is possible to build a combustion engine with all computer controlled valves.
Chrysler's use of the technology is the latest attempt to improve the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines.
Currently, hybrids represent the transition or bridge between conventional combustion vehicles and electric vehicles.
The internal combustion engine isn't going anywhere soon.
These five engines mix liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen together for combustion.
Most of the time this combustion doesn't happen spontaneously as there isn't a lot of oxygen in the ground to keep it going.
The ash left over after combustion is laced with dioxin and other pollutants.

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