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No federal workplace standard exists for combustible dust.
Sociologists spoke up during those controversies, but they have also criticized less obviously combustible genetic studies.
The majority of that used oil is collected and sold as a combustible fuel, mainly used in power plants or industrial boilers.
Everywhere the complex mix of clans and sub-clans is combustible.
It is combustible and can give off toxic fumes in the event of fire.
The two cultures-of the ponytail and the suit-are a world apart, and combustible together.
The hydrogen is combustible and will burn as long as it remains within the radio frequency field.
Whatever the case, the combustible mixture of air and coal dust ignited.
The holidays have always been an emotionally combustible time for families.
Otherwise, the consequences of mismanagement of such a combustible event would literally destroy our economy.
Coal contains methane, a combustible and potent greenhouse gas.
Actually, it is part of a combustible global protest that goes beyond the professional rabble-rousers.
There is seemingly no more combustible mix than high oil prices and a hotly contested election.
Over time and seemingly without fail, commissions and recruitment have proved a combustible mix, to the detriment of the student.
They might imbibe alcohol or combustible plant matter on occasion, but they do so without the influence of giant corporations.
His struggle to contain this combustible emotional package makes him at once dangerous and exciting.
Everything has ignited-carpet, furniture, combustible vapors.
The floors above the crash site were largely vacant, so there was little combustible material to fuel the fire.
Gasoline and oxygen are a combustible mixture, but you still need a spark to set the fire.
When a flat jobs market was added to this mix, it became combustible.
One is that novelists and scientists should perhaps try to avoid combustible topics beyond their areas of expertise.
But the atmosphere can be somewhat combustible and it helps to have a thick skin.
In their early years, the characters were volatile, combustible.
He has had a highly combustible relationship with his famous father.
Combustible and flammable materials are used every day.
Permit and registration of aboveground and underground flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks.

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