combust in a sentence

Example sentences for combust

The impact causes the warhead to combust before it hits the armour.
The biggest causes are the operation of fossil fuel-burning power plants and automobiles that combust fuel.
Then, last summer, his campaign seemed to spontaneously combust in a puff of fund-raising troubles and staff intrigue.
Libertarians will combust over the taxes needed to fund the stake, contending that they will inhibit economic growth.
It doesn't combust even when you try to light it on fire.
Such conditions include overcharging or collisions, which can cause the batteries to combust or even explode.
The fact that they demonstrably can spontaneously combust three weeks after being damaged is a matter of great concern.
Since metals will not combust, incineration is not an effective method for treating metal-bearing hazardous wastes.
Hydroelectric facilities and electric utilities that combust natural gas are not required to report.
Most of the time these systems are in standby mode, ready to combust gases as soon as they enter the flare.
Ethanol's high oxygen content allows automobile engines to combust fuel better, resulting in reduced tail pipe emissions.
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