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Example sentences for combo

Not only is the fruit-topped pancake breakfast combo still on the menu, but the name is trademarked.
Chalk it up to another victory for the ever-popular meat and fruit combo.
It's time again for the annual reminder about how fireworks and air travel are a bad combo.
Yet it is no mere combo of playback politicians either.
It's too bad, really, because some people throw the salt over their shoulders instead of taking it in combo with the lesson.
Absent an agreement on one or a combo of the above, the executive branch has to make choices.
Building a bench and arbor combo is in some ways less complicated than building a standalone bench.
Red and fuchsia are a bold new take on a holiday color combo.
Unfortunately for the offense, the combo scheme will likely free two defenders.
Wondering why my cold and sinus combo meds aren't clearing my sinuses.
The ballroom bustles on the weekends with live music-an accordion is part of the combo.
If the rental-car business could adopt the safety standards of the airline business, that would be the ideal combo.
For me it is a combo of working, school and parenting.
There are three full bathrooms in the home and the third full bath, with tub shower combo, is located upstairs.
We were sitting quite far from the action looking into the combo, which relays the image from the camera.
It is time humanity stopped with the slow-motion planetary suicide that the deadly combo of fossil fuel and nuclear represents.
The chemical combo was nearly as effective in deterring mosquitoes as pools containing adult backswimmers.
No doubt the bicyclist with the best combo of strength, grit, determination-and bike design.
Everyone knows to order a meal combo with a simple number.
Take stem cells, differentiate them into beta cells and implant them while giving this medication combo.
She's talking to my mom about the guest book and trying to sell her on a twine-ball bumper-sticker-mug combo on sale inside.
The play of shapes and shades of green in this vegetable combo takes the humdrum out of these supermarket standbys.
Maybe a combo of tech and teamwork will be enough to turn health care around.
If it was, we'd ban every possible combo of caffeine and alcohol.
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