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But at this point, it is impossible to be certain of the exact effects of this combination of drugs on his behavior.
The combination of aptness and familiarity means that clich├ęs are constantly occurring to a writer.
The index is a combination of three sub-indices covering wealth, health and education.
Our mask and snorkel combination makes exploring the underwater world easy for practiced divers or beginners.
The team used a combination of physical and optical mapping to arrive at the findings.
Each region has its own distinctive, centuries-old, design-and-color combination.
Feel free to use boysenberries, pitted cherries, or other favorites instead of the combination of fruits here.
Inside the safe, is a reset button on the back of the door to change the combination.
Or he can change a combination to one more easily remembered.
One remarkable combination that's as powerful as it is easy to use.
Hungry house cats use an annoying but irresistible combination of sounds when they want to be fed, a new study has found.
But all conversations, and all relationships, reflect a combination of hierarchy and connection.
But no combination of spices will mask the awful smell of rotten meat or keep you from getting violently sick.
The combination of commercial launch systems and a heavy booster such as this makes for a bright future.
Several of the largest turpentine brokers in the city are said to have formed a combination.
If this trial is successful, then further testing is planned to see how well the new molecule performs in combination therapy.
Insects use a combination of aerodynamic effects to remain aloft.
Visitors rave about the gorgeous wildflowers and uncommon combination of wildlife.
For a taste of the tropics, top this burger with a combination of sweet and salty spam and pineapple.
In busy times, it takes a certain combination of inspiration, spare time and a little cash to stop dreaming and start making.
Metformin may also be used in combination with other drugs.
The strong dollar and the domestic slowdown have proved a lethal combination.
The combination is a weak acidic solution that dissolves calcite, the main mineral of karst rocks.
Pair with roasted pepitas for a delicious salty-sweet combination.
Chatting on a cellular phone from a park bench may represent a great, if still obnoxious, combination of freedom and convenience.
Apple has managed logic-defying growth via its combination of popular hardware, software and services.
Their combination will ensure their garbage trucks take more efficient routes.
But what really excites him is a combination of the two.
That's why they had this strange combination with profile and frontal with drawings of people.
Such drugs may be used in combination with each other.
That's beginning to change thanks to a combination of government incentives and advances in manufacturing.
Scholars gathered to discuss how a unique combination of human traits helped our species survive to colonize the globe.
The picture that emerges from all this is that a combination of features allowed sauropods to grow large.
Not unlike human eyes, the satellites' two points of view allow for combination images that render scenes in three dimensions.
Such a simple dish, yet the combination of textures-silky egg with crunchy bread and fresh greens-and flavors was perfect.
Top the patty with edamame hummus and carrot slaw for a tasty combination.
First, he underestimated the risk that regulators might balk at such a powerful combination.
Combination beach resort, golf course, and future casino on historic island.
Climate is the overall combination of all these events over a long period of time.
The leaf trim is a combination of stamped and hand-crafted pieces.
Due to the particular combination of geology and climate, many rare plants are found nowhere else in the region.
Lovely in combination with lavenders in the more add to my plant list.
All are superb in containers, either alone or in combination with other plants.
Adults who eat a widely varied diet can get these amino acids from a combination of nondairy milks and other foods.
It's the combination of color and variegation that grabs people.
Salty prosciutto is balanced with tender bites of sweet figs in this elegant topping combination.
AN unromantic combination of chickenpox and measles is responsible for my going on the stage.
Any search promotes a combination of optimism and anxiety.
There is hardly a combination of flavors that does not work with short ribs, as long as you braise them.
As you have seen, all plants and animals need a combination of elements to survive.
His reign was characterised by a combination of skilful foreign policy and ruthless suppression of domestic dissent.
Scientists are unsure what factor or combination of factors is responsible for the decline.
Palette cards can be freely traded with other players in whatever combination is agreed upon.
They face a potential combination of crowded flights, high fares and labor disruptions.
There can be a combination of income, capital gain, and estate tax savings.
The combination is frightening to some people, and it can definitely get your heart racing a little.
Researchers isolated a set of bacterium to do the filtering, and they've now patented that combination.
The monarchy needs a combination of stability and glamour.
It achieved total design unity in combination with a high-volume industrial process.
Select the best format for your qualifications and experience: reverse chronological, functional, or a combination.
Their flavor is a complexly-delicious combination of tart and sweet.
Exactly which antioxidants, or combination of antioxidants, work best is still being debated.
Unlike traditional combination locks, it takes only one hand and zero eyes to pop the tumblers.
It's a combination of high and low art at all times.
The combination of tough and sugary foods helps explain why so many of the giant ape's teeth were riddled with cavities.
The claim as stated is some combination of incompetently written and purposefully misleading.
It lies, of course, in the combination of the strictest realism of detail with a fairy-tale unrealism of general atmosphere.
Some lethal combination of comic unevenness and cynicism may have doomed the film commercially.
Such a combination makes some students nearly unteachable.
Paralegals are essentially a fancy combination of a legal secretary and a filing clerk.
It can be done in any combination, with or without partners and with a minimal amount of money.
Earning a college degree results from some combination of determination and desire.
My impression is that there will be a combination of both centralized and decentralized approaches.
But in the end, it would result in giving a number to each poem that represented the combination of quality and significance.
Organizations that take the problem seriously can solve it, of course, through a combination of shaming and actual fines.
Private utilities finance with a combination of equity and debt the combination called discount rate.
The research shows that some illnesses may require a combination of genetic predisposition and infection.
The spray and antibiotic combination helped more mice live through the plague compared with a control group.
But though earthquakes can cause tsunamis, a combination of other factors can contribute to triggering them too.
Until they've crossed that linguistic threshold, the word-combination process doesn't kick in.
But seem to be some sort of combination of plants and even imagined plants.
Also fish oils and the right combination of omega fats.
Perhaps a combination of several factors, including spin, will give us an idea.
So far researchers have no idea why our combination was selected.
The backwards movement is typically related to acts that are underlined by ignorance or ego, or a dangerous combination of both.
Instead they are caused by a complex combination of linked genetic variations at multiple sites on different chromosomes.
These drugs need to be used in combination because the virus readily mutates, creating new and often drug-resistant strains.
Plants and animals also produce acids that mix with rainwater, a combination that eats away at rocks.
Above all it balances the old with the new, a fitting combination for an ancient capital in transition.
The combination of subject motion, panning, and shutter speed is not a precise science.
Often, the music is not clearly one time signature or the other but rather a beautifully ambiguous combination of the two.
The combination of factors held summer storms in place instead of allowing them to be swept eastward, as they normally are.
That's a particularly dangerous combination for an economy struggling to recover from a deep recession.
The truth is that our biggest innovations come from the combination of art and science, and there are many who agree.
And presidential greatness, in the moment, requires a uncanny combination of powers.
Eventually, a combination of personal friction and lack of obvious progress causes the group to disband.
The lock can be reset to a new combination whenever you desire.
Some times crystals are a combination of more than one form.
Combination tickets offer a good way of seeing more for less.
These pastas can be filled with cheese, meat, vegetables or a combination of the above.
The combination of the snow and gusty winds could down trees, taking power lines with them.
The combination of higher traffic and lower capacity meant fewer empty seats.
It is a service in itself but also a combination of sub-services.
There is something remarkable about this combination.
Their reason is that the combination usually results in a strong and unpleasant fishy aftertaste.
The virus is made of eight gene segments of known provenance but which have not previously been seen in this combination.
Helium, prized for its unique combination of physically desirable qualities, is irreplaceable for many purposes.
It is a combination of language and theory of mind that makes human society possible.
In addition, the combination of the two shocks has created uncertainty about the direction of monetary and regulatory policy.
Mitochondrial faults could be caused by broken genes, by environmental effects, or by a combination of the two.
But a combination of regulation and technology has broken media monopolies.
Cells transmuted by this combination also have the characteristics of embryonic stem cells.
Those with a combination of these traits have particularly glum statistics.
It is also the combination of omnipresence and fragmentation.
If an answer is to be found, it lies in using a combination of economics and a broad range of technologies.
The combination of tight fiscal policy and low interest rates is usually a recipe for a weaker currency.
To improve its properties they tried mixing it with a combination of metals.
Some brought works on paper by recognised artists, which made for a safe combination of name recognition and lower price points.
He was both evil and effective, which is a worrying combination.
Her combination of sturdy texture and lack of dramatic flair enables her to sell a lyric in a number of styles.
It was an odd combination of elegant old wooden buildings and new three-story reinforced-concrete buildings.
The two people inside the convertible-the combination of the two of them together-had the appearance of an illusion.
The only way to cure the disease is with a combination of antibiotics.
Here's a sample-but note that what really makes the series work is the combination of words and pictures.
Basically, there should be a combination of both elements.
It's a crummy situation, and there's no combination of policy proposals or speeches that can get you out of it.
He walked over to a steel door and rapidly twirled the combination lock to open it.
It's a unique combination, on the border between fact and fiction.
Hybrid cars, which run on a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, are all the rage these days.
Virtually every print outlet makes its money through some combination of single-copy sales, subscriptions, and advertising.
There was this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
The combination yields neutral atoms that can move freely through a magnetic field.
Most of the efficiency gains come from a combination of lighter, more aerodynamic shapes and slight reductions in flying speed.
The combination of a large cranium and immature face would look decidedly unusual to modern eyes, but not entirely unfamiliar.
That's probably because the combination is not too common, and jumps out as rather distinctive.
The biologists wear a combination of medical and nautical gear, including surgical scrubs and rubber boots.
Taken separately or in combination, these drugs work somewhat in some patients and not in others.
He believes a combination of many different effects may stress frogs' immune systems and that atrazine may be a part of it.
One cell, for example, appeared not to care for either smell or sound but responded robustly to the combination.
The combination of emergency fire stairs and fire-drill training works.
Used in shortening for baked goods and in combination with vegetable oils for frying foods.
It is easy to understand why the combination of those four characteristics tends to make a disease run in epidemics.
Most probably it's a combination of evolution and learning.
The combination of heart and professionalism makes her an outstanding leader.
The company employs a hybrid approach that uses a combination of thermochemical and biological processes.
The details are proprietary, but it's a combination of metallurgy and the process that allows us to do it.
Proteins usually work in combination with other proteins.
Then these plates are brought together and, through a combination of electromagnetic attraction and heat, fused together.
They seem to require the perfect combination of ingredients and execution.
What's more, the combination of microbes varies from location to location.
In combination, these research platforms allow them free reign to experiment.
When the parts are combined, the combination can sometimes be spotted by variations in the lighting conditions within the image.
The question you want answering is which combination of variables makes the expression logically true.
In short you use a combination of various different generation sources in different locations.
Non-petrol engines almost always require a combination of batteries, hydrogen fuels and electric drives.
Much will be made about the line, which had its fourth starting combination in five games.
Music is an art form that can be instrumental, vocal or a combination of the two.
He had a combination of speed and power that changed the way teams started drafting shortstops.
Nevertheless, your distribution is flat, and none of your honors are in combination.

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