combatant in a sentence

Example sentences for combatant

The bomber is not a suspect, he is an enemy soldier or enemy combatant.
Yet in the world of martial arts, victory does not always go to the strongest combatant.
Only later was he transferred to a navy brig as an enemy combatant, and then solely on the authority of the president.
So in such disputes, he is a non-combatant: a counsellor but not a player.
But the feral wildness of the disciplined combatant never comes through.
By his rhetoric and by his actions he has unquestionably proven himself to be a combatant.
After three years of being held without charge as an enemy combatant, he was indicted last year.
Later they moot the possibility of changing standards for non-combatant roles.
Now we've got a nonhuman combatant, in many cases remotely controlled by humans.
US officials determined that one of them is no longer an enemy combatant.
Of particular significance will be decisions concerning surface combatant warships.

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War hath no fury like a non-combatant.... more
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