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So every night she used to comb his hair and pick out the white ones.
If hair takes on a tinge of green after swimming in a chlorine laden pool, simply comb tomato sauce through it.
Never mind-he can get some work done on his cell phone and comb his hair in the process.
His chlorine-damaged hair was tousled and badly in need of a comb.
Then he wet a comb at the cabin's iron hand pump and slicked back his hair and his little brother's hair.
The only sure way to get rid of lice and their eggs is pore over the hair, starting with a good nit comb.
Once the hair is wet and greasy, it's easy to comb out the lice.
We were taught to say please, say thank you and to comb our hair.
They then throw potato on them for two day, before comb each other's hair and return to hills.
The comb-over, his decades-long insistence on combing his hair across a substantial expanse of cranium, is history.
It's amazing how fast they're building out natural comb.
It is dear bought butter that is licked off a wool comb.
The president ordered her to be hoisted upon the rack, and her body to be torn with an iron comb.
The shark is gray or brownish with spots, and its top jaw has jagged cusped teeth and the bottom comb shaped.
Lots of dead bees in the hives, gray-lavender mold on the comb.
Comb size in females is a good predictor of egg size, and chicks hatched from large eggs have a better start in life.
These models remorselessly comb the markets for arbitrage opportunities.
It is the shorts who comb through balance-sheets to look for companies with dodgy finances.
Goats and buffaloes graze amid the reeking mounds, and thousands of scavengers comb the site, looking for items of value.
Different cultures and businesses will have a number of issues to comb through here in the coming decades.
We don't want to comb through the thousands of pages in our governments' budgets.
She also gave me a tiny hairbrush, comb and mirror for my own dollhouse.
Thousands of bees, layered several rows deep, cling to each other around a central comb to create a living hive.
He uses a regular scissors and comb, and even clips the hairs out of my ears.
Other people are having their thesis's or dissertations coil or comb bound.
Most can entertain an audience, though a few prefer to comb through statistics.
Comb the beach for seashells and other ocean or lake treasures.
When you hike in the deserts, bring along a comb in case you touch a cactus.
While politicians often comb each other's pasts in the heat of a campaign, all elections are about the future.
Visitors comb the sands for gnarled bits of driftwood and abalone shells, check out the tide pools and hike the wooded areas.
Go deep sea or fly fishing, comb the beaches or observe the night sky with the on-site telescope.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
They even have the same hairdo: a skunk comb over-silver above the ears and dark on top.
The tiny pins of the cylinder lifted the tiny tines of the comb and pricked them into song.
It's certainly necessary to comb through the data looking for signals, even if they're not expected at this level of sensitivity.
It may be small comfort to anyone sporting a comb-over, but researchers have found a second genetic risk factor for baldness.
Find a comparable one, honey-comb it and stick it into the battery then worry about recharging it later.
His thoughts clogged as if a comb working through his mind had stuck against a snarl.
Maybe there's so much that it would take an age for government officials to comb through them.
Comb's fund specializes in financial services companies.
We had to go through this thing with a fine-toothed comb.
His completely ordinary education, colleagues, friends and past have all been gone over with a fine-tooth comb.
The ones who comb out every nit lurking in the fine print of mortgages, car loans and leases.

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