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Today's restorers have been replacing damaged column segments with fresh marble.
Plus, the thing that really sets them apart is the reproductive structure in the center of the flower, which is called the column.
It rests on a small column that turns slowly to show the jewel in four directions.
Then an establishment newspaper offered him a column-writing about foreign, but not domestic, affairs.
It was chance to get on the net and found your column which is quite interesting to read.
Ask them to write descriptions of these three customs in each of the rows in the left-hand column of their charts.
Have each student create a two-column chart with five rows, leaving plenty of room in each row for notes.
Trillions of diatoms, zooplankton, and crustaceans pepper the ice column.
While in their larval stage, giant clams must swim and feed in the water column.
The walls are painted red and gold, and elaborate dragons wrap around each column.
Finding pieces of the spinal column joined together eliminates guesswork over how they articulated in life.
They float in the water near the surface, not deep enough to use the water column as a natural protection.
In severe cases of lateral curvature of the vertebral column the thorax becomes much distorted.
Our impatience led us to move in advance of the column and well up with the advanced skirmishers.
We'll dig into that and a lot more in a team-by-team breakdown column.
The same thing happens to our vertebrae, which weren't designed to sit on top of each other in one weight-bearing column.
Elements in a column bear close resemblances to each other in terms of their chemical properties.
They can rise a few feet from the ocean bottom, or thrust thousands of feet high into the water column.
In this month's column, we'll discuss some strategies for that nerve-racking problem.
But this is not a column about the marital strains of academic couples.
He has taught on several campuses, writes a syndicated column, and produces a book almost every year.
As your anointed successor, this column caused me considerable anguish.
It's not unusual that a journalist calls the subject of a piece before actually publishing the article or column.
Each column can be clicked to sort in predefined order, such as birth date.
Before the column on how to cut one's hair, perhaps, or the meditation on thinking.
Thank you for understanding that my column was about substantial equivalence.
For both purveyors and consumers of personal ad romance, the effectiveness of flirting in column inches has not yet been proved.
Now, the column of mud ensures that oil will never be released from the well again, officials say.
It is indeed a false belief of many that money taken from human spaceflight will neatly show up in the science column.
Even an over-simplified two column comparison is impossible.
Although he can't answer all of them individually, he'll answer those of general interest in his column.
Which is why experts suggest you do it through a humor column in the back of a magazine.

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