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If the water in the body is balanced, the urine will be a pale straw or lemonade colour.
Intersperse them so that no-one is sitting beside someone with the same colour test.
The colour comes from the light that remains unabsorbed.
Concentrating on red colour for couple of minutes and then putting it off shows green colour.
Colour is an added element of design that needs such careful consideration in a composition.
In the mountains above the town, the forests are turning the colour of autumn.
Im still researching what the reason for my eye colour is but some of the information is quite scary ie chimera and mosaic dna.
And they'll mix any colour in the world for you at the counter.
Most people recall information in colour and if they have learnt something with an image then they recall the image.
Yep, mine is actually steel grey, and she'll do any colour plus a bunch of patterns including khaki and animal print.
The second idea is to adopt blue denim as the opposition's colour.
The dancing behaviour of the light in the complicated multiple layers and their colour pigments.
And the colour combination in the dress with her hair.
The dark grey colour represents ice-free areas while blue represents areas covered with sea ice.
Pretty simple picture but everything is colour coded.
Colour and sound led to huge changes for actors and designers alike.
They prefer well-designed forms and bright frank colour.
It seems to take the prime of the sunshine hours to endow it with depth of colour.
However, more than names its a question of giving respect to all irrespective of colour, caste or creed.
It's amazing how politics has so much to do with all this colour-related scene.
They come in different colours, so you can use the same colour for the same subject every year.
It is not so much about colour, it is about economics and social stratifications.
When it comes to metal, you can have any colour as long as its silver.
The problem of course is that the colour magnitude diagram is complex and many-valued.
During this heating process, the indigo is somehow absorbed into the fibrous clay and this fixes the colour.
The dark colour of the charcoal would convert the energy in to heat then electricity much more efficiently than photovoltaic.
In the next time step, however, each square changes according to a predetermined rule and the colour of the squares around it.
How a mental disorder opened up an invisible world of colour and pattern.
As radar images represent surface backscatter rather than reflected light, there is no colour in a standard radar image.
The emission at different wavelengths is colour-coded as seen in each figure.
Perhaps better to ask for a solution to the four-colour problem.
They have two full colour screens on each side and stereo sound through ear buds.
It's testing traffic lights for colour-blind drivers.
In the mid-Eighties she began to use lustre, allowing for a more subtle colour effect.
We made it exciting and full of splash and colour for the kids.
It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same excitement, pomp and colour.
The ancient colour appropriated to clerks and persons of inferior condition.
These cloaks throughout the whole island be all of one colour, and that is the natural colour of the wool.
It should be observed that the process of imitation probably never commenced between forms widely dissimilar in colour.
His eyes grew brighter, and a faint colour came into his cheeks.
White light consists of every variety of colour from red to violet.
The water was represented with its waves, and enamelled in the appropriate colour.
They were in the dark, and little spots of colour swam before them.
He could detect shallower water by colour, and see the light of invisible lagoons reflected in the undersides of clouds.
People could see when they were not getting jobs, university places or promotion in the army because of their skin colour.
Diversity of accent and skin colour do not necessarily mean diversity of worldview.
But the stimulated sensation is usually colour vision.
To ensure a sweet mouthful, the bees had to visit the central lights rather than relying on a single colour.
Aphids do not attend to leaf colour as visual signal, but to the handicap of reproductive investment.
But the aphid's colour is unique in a couple of extraordinary ways.
Contrast this with a hand that is of a skin colour which exists in humanity, but is not closely matched to our own background.
At night, the forests crawl with sinuous shapes that glow with an eerie greenish-blue colour.
It only managed to restore the magnetic sense of flies when they were bathed in this colour.
Space looks too light purple and it all seems a little muted in colour.
For example, their skin lost its pigment so they are all pinkish-white in colour.
Synthetic wave plates only work well for one colour of light.
Molecular biologists pinned down several of the molecular cues responsible for spring's vibrant burst of colour.
Flowers change colour and back again to advertise their opening hours.

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