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Some frogs secret hallucinogenic chemicals on their skin--particularly the brightly colored frogs with warning coloration.
But crosstalk cancellation has always introduced audible spectral coloration.
It has been said that the brilliant hues of the coral-snake when in its native haunts really confer on it a concealing coloration.
They show up as an intense purple coloration in the hear of the potato.
They never lose their gills, tail fins, larval skin coloration and wide heads.
The flamingo's bright pink coloration comes from its diet-animals can't synthesize the carotenoids that color these feathers.
In the postwar era, the laws restricting margarine's coloration began to lift and it gained in popularity.
Even if only one copy is functioning to produce melanin, that is enough in terms of dosage to produce a brown coloration.
Not so different from the pinto coloration in horses which is conceded to be a trait implicit in tameness.
Higher blood levels of carotenoids translated to brighter coloration in general, according to digital images of the birds.
We believe that these laws indirectly drive many aspects of the evolution of animals' shape, size and coloration.
The subject of coloration of flesh of trout is a much more intricate one than at first appears.
Red-eyed tree frogs, despite their conspicuous coloration, are not venomous.
The stingray's coloration commonly reflects the seafloor's shading, camouflaging it from predatory sharks and larger rays.
Cut in a convex form known as a cabochon, this red tourmaline could also be called a rubellite because of its red coloration.
Light underwings and generally light body coloration.
So the change in coloration indicated that the frogs' extremely thin, sensitive skin was reacting to contaminants in the water.
Localities are not inclusive, but are examples where sandstone coloration and concretions are found.
If they are in murky water, there is less sunlight, and their coloration is dull.
The white coloration adjacent to the lake on the north and west represents reflection from open salt-flat areas.
Ranging from blotchy dull coloration to near-winter plumage.
The frog will have to picked up to examine this as the legs cover the coloration otherwise.
Many snakes can vary greatly in coloration, and the copperhead is no exception.
Juveniles resemble adults but may not have the distinct yellow coloration on the undersurfaces.
Ranging from mottled dull brown to near-winter coloration.
Spawning fish generally develop bright red coloration on the underside of the mandible and on the opercle.
Fall brings the coloration of the maple leaves in tones ranging from yellow to deep red.

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