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The pavilion's color scheme will also be somewhat altered.
The plugin lets you set the default dimensions of all inserted videos as well as the color scheme of the player itself.
The color scheme he used was tan on beige with animated stars glowing in the corners of each slide.
The planner of this garment was thinking of you when he chose the fabric pattern and color scheme for this showpiece.
Give yourself an hour or two to choose a name and a color scheme, and you're off.
The basic color scheme is a soft buttery yellow for the cabinets, with periwinkle blue on the cabinet handles.
The rug defines the space and color scheme, making it easier to choose accessories.
But tweak the shape a little and update the color scheme and it's even better.
There's one for every color scheme, from amber to plum to lime green.
Deep emerald green marble countertops tie the color scheme together.
The color scheme repeats from the logo to the bag to the display sign to the aprons of the salesgirls.
Its color scheme struck me, on opening night and on the nights that followed, as somewhat peculiar.
The desaturated color scheme makes the whole world look as if it were left outside to die, and it was.
The color scheme of the dining room is sci-fi white, from the rectangular tables to the window blinds.
The color scheme has been updated and beautified, as well.
Stick to a color scheme that allows you to mix and match your clothing as much as possible.
These flannel cotton sleep pants feature the teams vibrant color scheme and an embroidered team logo at the left hip.
Features the teams vibrant color scheme and a weathered screenprint with foil logo, team name and establish date on the back.
These woven cotton sleep pants feature the teams vibrant color scheme and an embroidered team logo at the left hip.
With screen print graphics and the teams vibrant color scheme, this shirt is perfect to show off your team loyalties.
The hotel offers one-, two- and three-bedroom, condo-style suites that feature a seaside color scheme and decor.
Pick out a few pairs of basic bottoms in your color scheme that you can wear several times.
The color scheme will also change to reflect warmer colors.
The color scheme is as pleasing to the eye as the substance is pernicious to the waistline.
The color scheme is lurid, and the camera movements telegraph anxiety.
The versatile neutral color scheme will work with your current furnishings.
No matter what your kitchen color scheme, it's easy to add a touch of green with an environmentally friendly countertop.
The color scheme should reflect tones found in nature so opt for shades of brown, gold and green.
My vision got fuzzy while looking at the white-on-light-blue color scheme for the keypads.
Looking at the berries on yews in the snow, it's easy to see where our traditional green-white-red holiday color scheme came from.
The color scheme on a particular page affects the logo and footer.
He experimented with special-effects filters until he arrived at the color scheme he wanted.
The next example uses a rose-tinted color scheme with a low degree of contrast between the foreground and background colors.
The apparent simplicity of the muted color scheme is deceptive, too.
The key depicts the meaning of shapes, color scheme and lines.
Monochromatic harmony is a color scheme that uses shades and tones of a single hue.
Each template has a default color scheme plus several other color options.
Despite the uniform color scheme of the center, individual stores contain unique elements, which help identify the business.
The color scheme on a particular page affects the logo, navigation and footer.
The color scheme button allows the user to select a field and setup a color scheme representing its values on the chart.
Lines for flood category levels use the same color scheme shown on the flood hydrograph and other web pages.

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