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We humans are mesmerized by melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin, but almost always for quite the wrong reasons.
Choose one of our favorites for dramatic fall color in your garden.
Many eco-friendly homes have standing-seam metal roofs, which are low maintenance and light in color and also reflect the sun.
By choosing smaller projects, she gets to experiment without committing an entire room to a single color or pattern.
Once you have chosen a garment, selecting your choice of color and size is incredibly frustrating.
Leaving commas out of long, complex sentences is a horse of another color.
Tomorrow's will be better than paper, with a high-resolution screen that also supports color and video of course.
The major drawback of kindle is that it has no color, and many books are not yet available.
Shellfish are optional, but always add glamour and color if you wish to include them.
The stable housed horses-some of a different color-with carts before them.
She has spent the decades since exploring role-playing through color self-portraits.
It's famous for its yellow color, which stains almost everything it comes in contact with-even your skin.
They range in color from pale yellow to mottled green and are rarely found on supermarket shelves.
There are nine giraffe subspecies, each distinguished by its range and the color and pattern of its coat.
Her father taught her photography, including how to retouch and color prints, and one of his friends gave her drawing lessons.
Those little chance meetings can really color your experience of a place.
Hometowns are full of stories and memories rinsed with color.
Indeed, every great image has an unfathomable oneiric depth to which the personal past adds special color.
Everything you type will appear in a color different from that of the editor's changes.
In squid, color changes also occur when the animal is disturbed or feels threatened.
In addition to color control, many of the squid can produce light and control its intensity.
Genetic intervention cures color blindness in monkeys.
People can be made to see reddish green and yellowish blue-colors forbidden by theories of color perception.
Color can also aid individuals in recognizing members of their own species.
In his time certain species of moths were light in color.
As minutes went bye the color red appeared as if the horizon was ablaze.
Presumably the stress of impending decapitation caused her locks to lose color within hours.
They can make them look any way they want and any color they want and make them non-reflective.
The color of the glow depends on the type of gas involved.
While the powder room is dark and mysterious, there are bolts of color throughout the house.
Communities of color are being crushed economically and the national news media have not fully focused on the carnage.
The thymus is of a pinkish-gray color, soft, and lobulated on its surfaces.
The ovaries are of a grayish-pink color, and present either a smooth or a puckered uneven surface.
In the fresh state it is of a pinkish tinge at the pyloric end, and of a red or reddish-brown color over the rest of its surface.
Such people appearing at a picnic color the entire scene with the blue light of their austerity.
Good beef should be firm and of fine-grained texture, bright red in color, and well mottled and coated with fat.
The cells of the trochlear nucleus are large, irregular and yellowish in color.
But the stream of poetry is fed by many sources, and it takes color and volume according to the channels through which it flows.
The oxygen is absorbed in the upper layers of the fluid-as is indicated by the change of color.
Your camera, computer and printer all use color, but they may not all display it in the same way.
She can pick from a full color palette, adding color to any number of slightly animated scenes.
Color laser printers have been commonplace in offices for years now.
Here's our color-coded guide ranking the homeland threats.
One of them produces iodine, which gives the amber color.
Every time you click on the rainbow button, a new color is put into the background.
The airline went a little nuts with the decoration and color palette for the new space, but overall it works.
Said bits of color are used in a subtle way to guide you to your next foothold or jumping-off point.
The camera will also use this information to weight color balance and exposure.
Kids can print detailed illustrations of animals to color or use in school projects.
When seas change color, storms change direction, a new hurricane study suggests.
Chameleons change their skin color to hide and to communicate.
Kids can print detailed illustrations of tigers and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Kids can print illustrations of blue whales and other animals to color or use in school projects.
What's more, the tiny organisms' feeding habits apparently give the falls their shocking color.
Print detailed illustrations of bottlenose dolphins and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Print detailed illustrations of emperor penguins and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Print detailed illustrations of humpback whales and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Print detailed illustrations of barn owls and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Print detailed illustrations of green sea turtles and other animals to color or use in school projects.
White plankton shells vanished from the seafloor mud, shifting its color from white to red.
Scientists have devised a way to measure the health of coral reefs through aerial surveys that record color characteristics.
Snow reflects the color of the sky and, at the beginning or end of the day, often appears purple in color.
The birds attract mates by the color intensity of their feathers-a signal of their desirability.
Then remove the rubber bands and rinse until the color runs clear.
For example, when one eats a sponge, it absorbs the sponge's color pigments.
The color used relates to the climate zone in which the location is found.
The color blocking craze mixes large swaths of color for an effect that is both stylish and statement-making.
The permit color corresponds to the access roads drivers must use to get to the designated parking lot.
Males must have short hair in a natural color, be clean-shaven and wear no excess jewelry.
Females must have hair in one natural color, have subtle jewelry, light makeup and short fingernails.
Other features such as a watermark and color-shifting ink also were added.
Ombre and two-toned looks are another, more subtle use of color that works for everyone.
Trout roe provides the perfect pop of color atop blini layered with simple egg salad and thinly sliced salmon.
Even if you're color-blind and can't see blue, she explained, you can still learn to appreciate art.
Caught later, during its voyage upstream, the fish's color will be off and the fat stores depleted.
It is the fundamental tool by which nature adds flavor, color, mood to the variety of our daily experience.
The color may also be linked to prowess in human athletes.
All he wished of his tailor was, to provide that sober mean of color and cut which would never detain the eye for a moment.
Their sensual beauty immerses us with color, smell, taste and touch.
The diversity gives endless color to the city, so that walking in it is a constant education in sights and smells.
But he couldn't have told you the color of her eyes, or how tall she was.
It adds color and sweetness to the snow-white radishes.
One morning, he let everyone know that he'd had a dream the night before about the color heather gray.
He didn't know what to call the color of that, either.
The newest works pair rectangular one-color canvases, one mounted diagonally across the other.
The target of his desire changes the color of her hair every week and a half, which suggests that she is out of his league.
The cheese is small-four inches long, one inch high-and it is an orangey-brown color.
It wasn't the kind you use on bulletin boards but something coarse and dark, the color of damp pine mulch.
Beings that were barely human manufactured and bought and sold things, and cities covered the continents with luminous color.
They then tried to capture that spectrum of tone color in novel forms that unfolded in shimmering waves.
Year after year, a face the same color as your desk.
Ethical was the only one that did not discriminate because of race, color, or creed.
And the color is always within a defined degree of browns, beiges, and yellows.
And whether in his feeling for the linear in itself, or for color or brushwork, he is a maestro.
Poor students and students of color borrow more than white students.
In doing this, the artist did more than add a touch of local color.
Their success lies in rebellion, quirkiness, and their ability to color outside the lines.
Skin color, hair type, the way you metabolize milk: it's all in there.
If it's cobalt pink rather than pale rose in color, it has been treated with a chemical bath of dye and extra sweetening agents.
Each cell expresses a different color, allowing researchers to trace connections in the fish's neural network.
They suddenly seem to stop changing color, but in reality they still are.
They cannot perceive the color red, but they can see ultraviolet light.
The creature is dying, its color fading, its electricity ebbing.
And the mid-eclipse brightening shows no variation in color.
But no other nation is quite as rigid about color schemes.
Instead, it's the color of one new discovery that has startled scientists.
So imagine the device in the above photo with a slightly larger color screen.
HP is testing a display that could appear in future color e-readers and tablet computers.
But this reliance on ambient light becomes a handicap when trying to make a bright, beautiful color display.
Research shows that photonic crystals can change color as quickly as other technologies.
Color-coded bacteria light the way to oil spills at sea.
How the latest digital-camera sensors create sharper color photographs.
The problem is that the photodetector part of the silicon often sits below layers of transistors, metal wires, and a color filter.
They might also pave the way for flexible thin-film solar cells and bright, roll-up color displays.
The amount varies depending on the color of the light.
The script's decisions are represented as a particular color in a bar at the top of the screen.
But a cloak that made an object invisible to light of only one color would not be of much use.
The brighter the color, the more hydrogen peroxide a cell is taking up.
Nodes with the same color receive information after a similar delay.
Its new color-screen iPod can't help but stimulate interest in the device.
The different directions of diffusion are color-coded red, green, and blue.
The underside of the leather, which is suede, should be the same color as the finished side.
Birds come to life in brilliant color in this field guide app.
Here was mature playing, even while lacking color and beauty of tone from the first violin.

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