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Example sentences for colonnade

The suggestion of a colonnade along this facade is handled by piers alternating between tall dark window columns.
Two players, fiercely engaged in the rivalries of the game, squatting in the shade of a colonnade and laughing.
Then he suddenly recoiled, as he turned one of the four corners of the colonnade.
Turning at one of the four corners of the colonnade, he suddenly recoils.
So the itch to flaunt something, in the face of all this treasure and colonnade, is a time-honored one.
The monument consists of an impressive double colonnade rising above a long terrace.
At one time a colonnade had surrounded the central unit.
The memorial is a curving colonnade, flanked at the ends by a chapel and a map room.
With its arching vine-covered colonnade and raised stage, this space is perfect for small weddings.
Architecturally, their elevations are divided into a rusticated base and a colonnade with an entablature and balustrade.
The three-story house was surrounded by a wood veranda and deck, with a colonnade of square posts.

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The poplars are felled, farewell to the shade And the whispering sound of the cool colonnade,... more
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