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The proposed robust human space flight program doesn't involve permanent colonization.
Political colonization has been replaced by economic colonization.
Colonization should be next, with an emphasis on developing industrial facilities that can be self sufficient, and profitable.
They have no history of colonization of imperialism.
The study suggests that the arrival of farming did not signal a broad wave of colonization as some scientists had thought.
But at some point our ancestors began to move out of their motherland, marking the start of global colonization.
The additives are used to prevent static buildup, reduce stickiness and eliminate bacterial colonization.
It is really a kind of economic colonization that replaced the political colonization of the past.
It also serves us to look for planets habitable to our physiology for colonization possibilities.
The coconut's evolutionary history is intertwined with the complex history of human migration, trade and colonization.
So in essence they used in-fighting as a road to colonization.
Timber exploitation and colonization are the major threats.
The world has probably never seen such a comprehensive and rapid example of ecological colonization.
Our long-term survival therefore relies on the colonization of space.
They fought back against the colonization of their lands.
The time for colonization has gone forever, but some intermediate transition system is essential if chaos is not to follow.
They also reported that antibiotics, which they had hoped would make the colonization easier, actually impeded growth.
Colonization is no longer a believable or relevant fall back excuse.
And admitted they did the same during the colonization time back in their history.
Colonization of one organism by another--also called infection--quite often causes no disease.
At the same time the growing population, expansion of trade, and colonization of foreign lands demanded more cash to progress.
The colonization of the mind still persisted, with trauma right below the surface.
Being nearer, the moon offers itself to mankind as the cheapest first stage in space colonization.
The fact that in several key areas-fusion energy, supersonic transport, space colonization-applied science is regressing.
There were two main waves of colonization, northern and southern.
Colonization has produced its share of problems, but it.
It is at this point that space colonization enters the picture.
Science has long been ripe for industrial colonization.
Both these practices could allow for bacterial colonization.
Oil pipelines and colonization had swept into their homeland.
In fact it's pretty much a freebie that comes along with space colonization.
The second big question is a question on the whole idea of human colonization of space.
In addition, each independent colony can be a launch point for further colonization projects.
Of course, a much better option would be to push for colonization, not exploration.
They have known colonization, revolution and emigration.
You're a big advocate of pursuing space exploration and colonization.

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