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As far as supplying the colonists goes, within a couple of years they could be self sufficient.
Early explorers and colonists didn't have the option of turning back.
Colonists wrote home about them and foreign visitors noted apple pie as one of our first culinary specialties.
When he finally made the voyage back across the ocean, his fellow colonists had disappeared.
Its builders were wealthy colonists who wanted the house to reflect their status.
But sadly they chose to become more racist than the colonists ever were.
Historians have long thought that one of the hurdles the colonists faced was a lack of financial and material support.
Archaeologists discovered the slate among other objects thrown into the well by the colonists.
These colonists didn't necessarily come from mum either.
And useful, too: radiation from the solar wind may be a problem for future lunar colonists.
The colonists pursued a variety of economic interests, first along the coast and later inland.
In theory the colonists could have made their own beer.
Although little is known about the daily life of the colonists, a probable pattern can be determined.
Some colonists have resorted to smuggling and bribing customs officials to avoid paying the taxes.
They also showed the colonists how to cook cranberries, corn and squash.

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To a traveler from the Old World, Canada East may appear like a new country, and its inhabitants like colonistsmore
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