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The historic square is home to a variety of architectural styles, from colonial to modern.
Australians have been battling nonnative pests with mixed success since colonial days.
Desperate appeals began pouring into colonial offices.
Interpreters in period dress explain history and demonstrate colonial crafts in their cabins.
There's been a lot of colonial exploitation in human history.
Equally important is the absoluteness of the old colonial treaties that was imposed by the colonial powers.
What has blocked exploration until now has been the confused borders left behind by former colonial powers.
The current borders were drawn up by colonial powers.
The first is that even medieval universities and colonial colleges were multi-purpose.
Our metro stop brought us to the city square, ringed by buildings of various ages, many of which date to the colonial period.
But colonial power and influences were real and continue to dominate much of the former colonialized world.
Muttering about the old colonial power throwing its weight around may be heard.
The colonial and post-colonial ties have always remained there.
Banyan himself, readers charged, entertained the fantasies of a fevered colonial mind.
The church's handsome colonial façade is a little battered.
And servants of the colonial regime still play important roles.
However expecting our food production system to shift back to a neo-colonial system is folly.
It is flanked by other colonial houses, several of which have been turned into party-supply shops specializing in gaudy piñatas.
They are dancing in the street, together with the white colonial soldiers who only yesterday were their enemies.
By this reckoning, the clam would be only the oldest non-colonial animals.
Have students, in pairs or small groups, create a map of a colonial village.
Georgians have been putting this relish-type sauce on everything from biscuits to rice since colonial days.
Coral polyps, the reef's building blocks, are tiny colonial animals that house symbiotic algae in their cells.
They were also well armed-colonial matchlocks were less accurate than native bows and took longer to reload.
There is nothing new about resource nationalism, often accompanied by allegations of colonial exploitation by the multinationals.
The colonial heritage left deep social scars and inequities.
He transformed it into a bustling colonial port city.
It took a little longer to get it recognized in colonial matters.
The museum itself is a beautiful early colonial building.
Then go for a twilight tour of the city's colonial architecture.
But in these post-colonial days, showing the flag can be hazardous.
Many fish-eating species are colonial, including puffins and pelicans.

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