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Oh, and above, that's a colon placed properly within a parenthesis not a smiley.
The rotten egg stink of flatulence has been traced to gas generated by bacteria living in the human colon.
It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.
But much is left undigested by the time it reaches the colon.
It is common to have colon or rectal cancer without symptoms.
Flexible fiber-optic scopes are typically used to examine or treat ailments of organs such as the throat and colon.
The alternative therapy of colon cleansing typically does little good, and may cause significant harm.
Implantation under the skin would be trivial, allowing you to easily swap info with your walls or colon.
Colon and rectal cancers can be detected early using the screening tests discussed below.
He suffered a scorched colon and is now recovering in hospital, where his condition is described as stable.
The bacteria primarily cling to the intestinal walls in the bowels of the bowels-the colon.
The treated colon cancer cells, for example, turned on genes known to stimulate the growth of surrounding cells.
She had emergency surgery in which the left side of her colon was removed.
Scientists have discovered a gene that seems to be the first to go awry when a colon cell begins the long spin toward cancer.
He had suffered from colon problems during his presidency.
Fruit contains the fiber needed to promote healthy colon function and healthy weight loss.
Seemingly, any description of x could fill the space after the colon.
Tests suggest the new drug may slow down lung and colon cancer as well.
Readers respond to an editorial about colon cancer prevention.
Indians have far less colon cancer than western meat-eaters.
When steroids fail to stop the disease in a severe case, doctors almost always have to remove the patient's colon.
Fewer than half the people who should be screened for colon cancer bother to do so.
Colon had a part-time job at a ticket agency, but it was not enough.
Two months ago, a good friend of mine died of colon cancer.
The cause was complications of colon cancer, her family said.
The rest have involved everything from simple biopsies to colon cancer.
Antibiotics may rid the colon not only of harmful bacteria, but also of the beneficial ones that normally live there.
On it rest some coils of small intestine, and occasionally the distended sigmoid colon.
In years gone by, if colon cancer ran in your family all you could do was wait and worry about whether you might get it, too.
But doctors could use near-infrared imaging during surgery to remove a tumor, or use an endoscope to look for colon cancers.
When set to music, colon cancer sounds kind of eerie.
No one cancer is alike, each colon cancer is unique in itself.
Unlike sigmoidoscopy, which can only reach the lower third of the colon, colonoscopy examines the entire length of the colon.
Those with a family history of colon cancer or colon polyps may need to be screened at an earlier age.
The large bowel is also called the large intestine or colon.
Red meat is high in saturated fat, and is related to increased risks of colon and prostate cancer, as well as diabetes.
The colon is made up of a series of pockets called crypts.
My grandfather died of prostate cancer that spread to his colon.
Certainly it couldn't be any grosser than seeing my colon.
Some studies have found a protective effect of coffee against colon cancer.
The bug is found in the colon, is a known cause of colitis and can be spread by even trace amounts of feces.
They're already providing useful snapshots of the coronary arteries, colon and lungs.
Two groups independently isolate the hereditary defect responsible for some forms of colon cancer.
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