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Example sentences for collude

They will collude and conspire to conceal the truth.
Males collude with their peers as a way of stealing fertile females from competing dolphin bands.
But when parents and test prep companies collude to game the system, it's business as usual.
In this high-margin segment, two or three multinationals usually dominate-and can easily manipulate prices if they collude.
But, if pilots were not screened, they could collude with someone else to bring forbidden items behind the sterile area.
Not only can they collude to raise the pot and drive out other players, but they can share the contents of their hands.
To acknowledge the reality of fear is not necessarily to collude with it.
In many cases, private real estate companies collude with officials to clear and develop the land as quickly as possible.
Cells further collude as organs, and organs pool their talents and become bodies.
Unfortunately here these two sentences collude in their confusion.
All it really takes is two people, with no sense of right or wrong, to collude.
Although it denies being a cartel, its members collude to control oil supply, which drives prices.
Must be because restaurants collude to gouge their customers.
The local authorities often collude with such obstruction because they want to keep in with the airlines.
In addition to being too high because firms collude, the price is also too high because employees collude.
It is illegal for producers to collude and illegal for speculators to hoard supplies to drive prices up.
When corporations collude in order to act as revenue-maximizing monopolists, it's considered to be against the law.
Often, says the author, therapist and patient collude to keep each other's destructive and frightening impulses at bay.
In either case, they collude with and support bullying and victimization.
Of course, they could do this because the government let them collude and bully.
We can surely agree that health insurers should not be allowed to collude to fix prices and allocate markets.
Sometimes it might be tempting for businesses to collude, especially if they have some cover of volatile market conditions.
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