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They were two locomotives chugging toward a collision.
The avoidance of a political collision has helped economic confidence.
Scientists predict it may be so close that gravity could cause a catastrophic collision.
Astronomers are watching what they believe is a remarkable collision between two asteroids deep in space.
The slow but violent collision of these three plates produces spectacular earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruptions.
Elastic collisions: the kinetic energy before and after the collision must be conserved.
Anything that helps occupants survive a collision with the ground is therefore to be welcomed.
In this composite image, two clusters of galaxies are seen after a collision.
Scientists have spotted the wreckage from a spectacular collision between two planets deep in space.
In the case of my meeting the donkey, the collision was low-impact.
Astronomers photographed a suspected asteroid-to-asteroid collision for the first time.
It is probably the result of a collision that shattered a pre-existing monolith.
But the collision leaves behind a unique signature in the form of a small amount of heat, which can be detected.
It helps to first examine a much simpler problem such as an elastic collision on a pool table.
There were several times that a quick lane change or braking was necessary to avoid a collision.
It shouldn't come as a surprise that pricey automobiles give you gorgeous, sculpted sheet metal, not collision protection.
Such is the extent of the detritus that the first accidental collision between two satellites has already taken place.
The collision creates an electron beam, which then follows the main laser pulse.
The brakes are automatically activated if the driver doesn't act when a rear-end collision is imminent.
If the country is nevertheless now on a collision course, that is thanks mainly to its federal system.
What distance a power hitter gains using a lighter corked bat he loses in collision efficiency.
The parallelogram of stars leftover from the collision had been obscured by dust.
It doubts they would stand up in a collision with a delivery truck or a sport utility vehicle.
But the effort paid off with two animated movies that dramatically illustrate the effects of a cometary collision.
The winds generated by the collision created a bullet-shaped cloud of hot gas that gives the cluster its name.
One was a derailment and the other was a rear-end collision.
If the car is subject to damage, it is better to own and carry good collision and comprehensive coverage.
The caping hole from the collision ejected all the material that created our moon.
Local politics and national security are on a collision course.
As it decays in a reactor core, its byproducts produce more neutrons per collision than conventional fuel.
If it is ever on a collision course, scientists can take care of the asteroid.
Thus, you are able to quickly act and avoid a collision.
For instance: aircraft landing on parallel runways can appear to be on a collision course before they turn and land.
Astronomers photographed a suspected asteroid-to-asteroid collision for the first.
However, the ongoing collision of marketing and social networks doesn't necessarily have to involve trickery or deception.
Drive with care and be prepared to avoid a collision with wildlife at all times.
The collision of tradition and modernity in the community can be disorienting.
Most subatomic particles last only a few slivers of a second after a collision and then decay into other particles.
It also repels dirt, grime and the occasional candy collision.
Now the conditions of digital culture have unexpectedly forced a collision, scrambling the once-sure footing of both camps.
The likelihood of collision with one of the larger pieces is low.
Even if there is blood-letting, the long-range, tentacular nature of modern homicide eliminates all personal collision.
The sentence is radically bad, because the essential construction seems complete at collision-a false scent.
Its execution is being carefully prepared with a view of avoiding any collision with the natives-Times.
Blood hoof collision would be now, without a swerve.
During the course of the collision, billions of stars will be formed.
His collision with biology can be postponed no longer.
The collision made a metallic sound which was followed by silence.
Really, it's tough to find a corner of space that hasn't been touched by an epic collision.
Other astronomers say the belt is a planet that was broken apart during a collision.
Among other things, this should make automatic collision-avoidance systems more reliable.
To continue along present lines, the two authors conclude, would be to invite a collision.
At first glance, it looks as if two principles are in collision.
Some are of safety: every extra craft in the air adds to the risk of a crash or collision.
Rental car insurance is called the collision damage waiver.
In this case, the clay changed shaped, warmed up and the collision made a sound.
In collisions of elementary particles at moderate energy the energy of the collision goes into complex showers of particles.
The collision between these two trends has created a kind of moral riptide with momentum of its own.
But the collision of the right actor and the right director can cause a spark that ignites magic on-screen.
Normally after a fall or a collision, an animal will take fright and resist anyone who approaches.
The search is now on, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that a bubble collision has occurred within our cosmic horizon.
In the case of one mile-wide space rock recently reported to be on a collision course with our planet, apparently not at all.
The article didn't go into the details of the prediction of collision in a few billion years.
Specializing in auto body repairs, automotive services, auto body paint and collision repair.
As an alternative to being removed by an energetic collision, an electron on an atom can be excited.
The two are undergoing a galactic collision, a colossal event playing out over hundreds of millions of years.
And many of these active galaxies are weirdly shaped, distorted, indicating they may have recently undergone a big collision.
Start worrying in a few million years about a cosmic dust collision, when the sun hits the closest spiral arm of our galaxy.
Then along came a comet or another big body on a collision course and blasted the moon to bits.
Consider the collision of two electrons nearest to that exact time and that precise point in space.
If a law enforcement officer investigates the collision, you don't need to complete a collision report.
The summaries exhibit collision information in the form of tables, graphs and text.
Local agencies can identify and prioritize issues and projects using collision data.
Both airplanes sustained substantial damage during the midair collision.
To learn the best ways to avoid a collision or what to do if you are in a crash, please read the information below.
Bigger, stronger neck muscles can balance the head during impact and lower the chances of the brain's being jolted in a collision.
In other words, there is no increase in the elasticity of the bat-ball collision.
The camera could also record in case of collision or sudden stops.
For the collision application, lots more cameras would be needed.
The sport, beloved by so many, simply can't continue on its current course-a collision course.
The collision prompts the electrochromic material to absorb or reflect light.
In actual fact, far more birds die due to collision with the windows of window panes, or even as prey to domestic cats.

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