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The notion of colliding worlds is more appealing than the opposite: conflicts hinging on small differences.
Take a virtual tour through space with digital images of the first stars, colliding galaxies, and a scan of the universe.
Sitting atop colliding plate boundaries, the country has been wracked by frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
On a smaller scale, colliding wind patterns can produce convergence, in which air also has nowhere to go but up.
Shocked as if with a jolt of energy, they start a panicked dance, twirling and colliding into members of the crowd.
The rest of the particles and objects continued to revolve around the sun, colliding with each other in clumps.
Planets, the theory goes, evolve by colliding with each other.
Fusion involves small atomic nuclei colliding to form larger ones, a process that releases energy.
And instead of being imprisoned in cages to stop them colliding with people and machines, they will be free to wander.
Many of these were caused not by an interrupted supply, but by demand growth colliding with unresponsive supply.
Fusion involves colliding small atomic nuclei together to form larger ones, and thus releasing energy.
Whether this will be enough to prevent the new demographics from colliding with the new economy remains to be seen.
Some cars now have a form of cruise control that stops the vehicle colliding with another.
Unfunded mandates are colliding with the budgetary realities brought about by the poor economy.
The movie also draws a picture of race, military contractors and humanity colliding in a bad way.
Another problem is debris colliding with other debris and going into new orbits.
But they're colliding with a truly depressing trend: data caps.
Colliding galaxies occur in a universe that is not expanding.
The colliding jet streams was ineffective, making particles that were too large.
Cancer is caused by one high-speed radiation particle colliding and destroying the division centre in one cell.
Although tests have revealed an aircraft would disintegrate on colliding with the outer containment structure.
Controllers are in the business of keeping airplanes from colliding.
People ran back and forth in the main hallway, colliding with one another in apparent confusion about where to go.
The sound of two worlds colliding can be, and sometimes is, as harmonious as the sound of one hand clapping.
It is a bluesy chord, the sound of opposites colliding.
It is cooler dry air colliding with the warm moist air that causes the tornado.
The colliding public responses have been easy to categorize as deriving from either one of two longstanding economic philosophies.
On the ground, reality was colliding with this argument.
Their vast symmetrical shapes outline hypersonic shock waves produced by colliding shells of stellar gas.
When the energy of the colliding gold particles is transferred into heat, the temperature soars.
The physical event of one car colliding with another has run its course, but its emotional impact continues.
Each is similar to ours, except that they are in the process of colliding.
Some of it is absorbed by the colliding atoms, then reradiated in the form of photons, or particles of light.
The objects in the room are not constantly colliding and sharing their energies with each other.
That's what would be required for the two remnants to be colliding now.
Other matter can then move through it with impunity, without colliding at all.
The bright blobs are probably areas where the expanding gas is colliding with denser regions in the interstellar medium.
In any case, you and the point never even got close to colliding.
The lump, he figured, might be an injury from colliding with another player.
They are in constant motion: vibrating, jostling and colliding.
Most reactions are much slower than this because reactions have other requirements in addition to simply colliding.
Scientists study these phases by colliding beams of accelerated particles to produce extreme conditions.
Ws are produced by colliding protons and antiprotons.
Zs are produced by colliding protons and antiprotons.
Most submarine volcanoes occur where tectonic plates are either moving apart or colliding.

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...it has been a joy to live, at last, under an Administration which—stumbling forward and backward, collidingmore
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