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As the four streams collide they are forced into a third channel, forming layered droplets as they go.
And we're gonna watch them collide for an entire season.
One is for cosmic rays to collide with stray atoms in interstellar space, producing a shower of particles.
Sometimes these clusters collide and merge with one another.
Where toxic pollution and human habitation collide with devastating effects.
Basically, he wanted to collide something into a wall at one speed and then double that speed.
Worlds might collide here, were they not held carefully apart by liability insurance and tall fences.
Despite their reputation as static structures, galaxies often collide and morph into peculiar new shapes.
New data seem to show that galaxies collide all the time.
Astronomers think galaxies frequently collide and merge to make bigger galaxies.
In high-profile cases, these two factors collide and turn ordinary prisoner transports into media spectacles.
Stress builds as the plates slowly but steadily collide.
To create a top quark, a proton and antiproton collide at nearly the speed of light.
Under these extreme conditions atomic nuclei collide and fuse, liberating energy that could provide virtually limitless power.
Many of these neutrons collide with more atoms on the surface before bouncing away into space.
Sometimes whole flocks collide with over-lit structures.
It elaborates our conceptions of human or humanlike agents and explores how their intentions collide with reality.
Ethics and archaeology began to collide relatively recently.
Meanwhile the atoms and molecules that make up your body incessantly tumble, vibrate or collide with one another.
Comedy protons have to collide in my brain by chance.
Increasingly, the two art worlds are starting to collide.
It'll animate and collide realistically with everything.
It is the first such interview for all of us, and their answers begin to collide on the page.
If they collide or clump, they will heat up or release energy in some other ways, increasing entropy.
It is certainly in principle possible for bubble universes to collide with each other.
There were only two cars in the entire city, and they managed to collide.
Scientists and wildlife officials have taken extreme measures when species collide.
The cool world and the straight world collide as the curtain comes up.
When a ship and a northern right whale collide, the whale loses.
Particle accelerators create and collide beams of speeding, highly energetic atomic or subatomic particles.
The plates collide, slide against, and move under and on top of other plates.
Steep, cone-shaped volcanoes form when plates collide.
Where pieces of ocean crust collide, especially deep trenches form.
The trouble is that when antimatter and matter collide, both vanish in flashes of energy.
When waves collide, they interfere with each other, either constructively or destructively.
We are all accustomed to issues in which principle and pragmatism collide.
Two world views collide here, and somewhere between them is a balance waiting to be struck.
Auroral displays are initiated when charged particles in space collide with a planet's magnetic field.
The universes of superheroes and politics often collide.
At this point, the lofty engineering ideals behind end-to-end collide with the harsh realities of economics.
Two kinds of air collide, from the northern and southern hemispheres.
High school football powers collide in virtual national championship tourney.
Art worlds collide in reality television's latest experiment.
Peering into a storefront, he was surprised to hear automobiles collide behind him.
When they collide, they explode into dozens of other particles, even more infinitesimal and fleeting.
The quiet lets astronomers measure electromagnetic waves thrown off by space-borne molecules when they become heated or collide.
When clouds collide they collapse and undergo violent bouts of star formation.
For example, when two galaxies collide and merge, their gas clouds collide.
Atoms in this state don't collide and therefore don't create any friction.
Bars may form when galaxies collide, and they might be an indication of a galaxy reaching middle age.
Occasionally, a neutrino will collide with an atom, adding to your radiation dose.
But the gas clouds are big, and they do in fact collide.
With the discovery of dark energy, the two worlds collide.
Turns out, current thinking is that central bulges in galaxies grow as galaxies collide.
In open air the beams fall apart as the protons collide with air molecules and begin losing energy.
At that speed they have huge energies, and when they collide that energy gets converted into matter: other particles.
Many of the world's largest earthquakes take place at subduction zones where tectonic plates collide, forcing one under the other.
The water flows back into the bubbles, and by the time the two drops collide, they are back in their spherical shape.
Even if the drifting ice doesn't collide anywhere with the shoreline, it still poses a risk to ships and offshore oil rigs.
When two objects of this size collide, large amounts of heat are generated, of which quite a lot is retained.
Concerning facts, when science and politics collide, science must always win.
When electrons collide with the ions, they may lose energy, which is why ordinary conductors dissipate heat.
These electrons could travel into the photospheric gas and collide with the atoms there, again increasing their velocities.
However, the strongest theory now seems to be that blue stragglers form when stars collide.
When ions collide at such high speeds fascinating things happen.
The water is murky, so the fish don't realize they are about to collide.
When two gas molecules collide, there is usually a fair amount of kinetic energy between them.
Because oceanic crust is more dense it tends to sink below the lighter continental crust when the two crust types collide.
Luminosity is a measure of particle interaction, specifically the chance that a proton will collide with an antiproton.
If the solution for t is negative or imaginary, the molecules will not collide at all.

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