collegiality in a sentence

Example sentences for collegiality

Over his lifetime the number of working physicists steadily soared, eliminating the collegiality of his early working life.
Often he showed his collegiality the best way he knew, by writing in the style of other composers' work.
We're all for bipartisanship, collegiality, goodwill across the aisle.
The court ruled that the university had a right to deny her tenure and to consider collegiality as a factor.
The special challenge of the telephone interview is that you have only your voice to use to convey your collegiality.
The frenetic atmosphere has led to a decline in collegiality.
Sure, there is a fine line here between collegiality and insincerity, intellectual curiosity and intrusiveness.
Cluster meetings elicited mutually supportive comments and validated the peer team approach to sharing and collegiality.
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