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But only the rare sympathetic critic or adventuresome collector actually spent money on the group's art.
The collector has dried all the plants in his herbal, but he has lost weight and humor.
Let me add that ours is in no sense a collector's library.
To better determine the value of your collection, please contact a collector in your area.
Such systems generally consist of a roof-mounted solar collector and a storage tank.
Another technique uses moveable mirrors to focus the sun's rays on a collector tower, where a receiver sits.
Now you can experience these landmark adventures into the unknown in this collector's video.
Stager suspects that the lamps belonged to a collector.
Perhaps, using a thermocouple would be more efficient than using a photovoltaic device in the solar collector.
He was a large collector of folk art and tools and had a museum nearby.
If a collector can afford the lots, then let them enjoy.
Unlike a solar electric collector, a solar hot water heater can be built inexpensively.
Lawsuits will decline automatically as a health care system sheds its role as avaricious money-collector.
Directly behind and connected to the eardrum-which is essentially, a large collector of sound-is the hammer.
He is a perpetual observer, a noticer of peculiarities, a collector of knowledge.
Once she got involved in art, she could become a collector.
Monetarily, it's hardly worth keeping, except as a historic collector's item worth thousands of dollars.
He has one for sale and has pictures of it from all angles for some collector.
Collector pressure, the final factor, refers to how much collectors try to find a given coin.
When discovered by her landlord's rent collector, she was barely recognizable as a human being.
The heat-collector itself is a circuit of connected water pipes.
The state has long been the biggest generator, collector and user of data.
They then raided a patron's house, confiscated two of the artist's works and threatened the collector with four months in prison.
Because every dollar is taxed at the same rate, it does not matter to the tax collector how many dollars are going to whom.
The collector who has paid millions for a plain-coloured canvas or a pickled sheep probably really does think it is beautiful.
Dispensers are the reverse of the collector hologram plates but have the ability to concentrate or disperse as required.
It is not possible for one signature-collector to leap the hurdle, even if friends help him.
The result was a last spurt in popularity for what is now a collector's item.
Finally one night he breaks into the house of a gun collector.
At that point, the collector burned the receipt, consigning the work to mere memory.
He now owns quite a few other fiddles yet is at pains to make it clear that he is not a collector but a musician and a devotee.
For each vessel, the book listed an imperialist collector.
As their form dictates, the postcards take a matter of seconds to read and view, but have the permanence of a collector's item.
While a shield protected the spacecraft itself, a small collector scooped up bits of comet stuff.
And the rings make the grandest dust collector imaginable.
As a collector of skulls, this certainly amused me a lot.
Hey, that's obviously a large solar collector that happens to be pointed in our direction.
These positively charged ions then flow from the tip to a negatively charged collector electrode.
So if you can concentrate the light, you can use a lot less of this expensive silicon for a given collector area.
When at these stations, a collector on the top of the bus rises a few feet and touches an overhead charging line.
When a voltage is applied between the two electrodes, the ions flow from the emitter electrode to the collector.
One way to keep launch costs down is to use an inflatable structure as the solar collector.
We could probably think of doing something similar for the collector.
We can see how being a farmer or a bond trader or a gun collector might influence your vote.
Lately he has attracted more attention as an art collector and museum builder.
He's a collector of various things, but his collections are now practically complete, and are beginning in fact to bore him.
The conflict was even more egregious a few years ago when, as budget minister, he was also the state's head tax collector.
Still, they never lost that sense of being a people's band, a bedroom collector's outfit.
He went on to establish a legacy as a great art collector and philanthropist that endures even to this day.
According to federal law, a debt collector cannot continue to contact you-at work or home-if you tell them to stop.
These days the real estate developer, art collector and former chef is having fun with fashion.

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