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Collectively, they prepare all the elements for the holiday feast that can be made a day ahead.
Collectively you came up with plans beyond what we'd thought possible for urban farming.
Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present.
They are commonly and collectively believed, and have become the unconscious presuppositions of a community worship.
First and foremost is the idea of the search for a place to call home, individually and collectively.
Collectively, he says, the landfill includes artifacts from all periods of the site.
In finance, actions can be both individually prudent and collectively disastrous.
In a matter of months, the airlines collectively lost four billion dollars.
Tells about how the native claims to the land was fought out and settled, making the natives collectively wealthy.
Private-equity firms collectively make hundreds of billions of dollars in investments every year.
Echovirus is one of several families of viruses that affect the gastrointestinal tract collectively called enteroviruses.
Regular visible matter is made up of protons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles collectively called baryons.
With so many of them, they collectively satiate their predators within a few days.
Individually and collectively, they were frequently used as collateral in all kinds of business transactions.
Range says the fish killed collectively weighed about a pound.
Collectively, their work contributes thousands of dollars of free labor to the community.
Collectively, as a professoriate, we're obsessed with it.
Adjuncts, it is said, will begin to have control over their situations only when they collectively bargain and unionize.
The council tracks students collectively from that region because of its geopolitical importance.
Collectively, according to one estimate, the planet spends more than three billion hours a week playing games.
Managerial employees are precluded from collectively bargaining with their employees under state law.
It's worth mentioning that the existence of the grade appeal process is collectively bargained at my school.
Collectively, however, they can appear daunting mostly because each was not anticipated.
But if it seems reasonable to think that students collectively are lazy.
Campuses are collectively incredibly sick and ineffective places for generating genuinely open-minds.
It's simply worth what everyone collectively agrees it's worth.
Getting your team to agree collectively to how meetings will work will help things run smoothly in the future.
If enough people complain, perhaps you can collectively change the situation.
Nevertheless, the benefits to writing collectively can far outweigh the challenges.
The conclusion that only highly evolved organisms have the ability to act collectively proved to be a stubborn prejudice, however.
We can collectively effect the world through design.
Every story of autoimmune disease is sad--but collectively the impact of these illnesses is staggering.
So-called white matter makes up the wiring among neurons, which are sometimes collectively called gray matter.
Collectively, they reliably and repeatedly produce a spike in the membrane voltage.
Collectively, those pathogens can cause a lot of trouble.
There's no reason for collectively inventing this stories.
But it's the handful of intrinsic-and collectively unique-properties that explains why water is the elixir of life.
As you can see a lot of people have looked into it and come up with these ideas collectively.
And, for the first time, developing countries collectively spent more on renewables than their richer counterparts.
So keen have they been that collectively they have become important actors in the yen foreign-exchange market.
Collectively, they regulate entry to the trade and can prevent non-lawyers even from investing in the business.
It is the ones that sound reasonable on their own but impose a huge burden collectively.
Yet regulators are collectively strengthening this trend.
We are required to be moral as individuals and when acting collectively as communities.
But this collectively huge fiscal contraction is self-defeating.
Collectively this group provides an eye-opening picture of the future of technology.
Also agree that our legislators have, collectively, done nothing but worsen the situation.
Collectively, but probably without organized collusion, they drive this arbitrarily derived figure higher and higher.
But collectively, the market will work its little parlor trick yet again.
Also sought was a word for aunts and uncles collectively, together with one for nieces and nephews.
Collectively, however, they began to turn the town around.
Which means that our choices, collectively, take on the freight of artistic implication.
Individually they are arresting, and collectively they give a vivid sense of the chaotic wild extremes of the country.
Regional groupings are gradually developing their own security organizations, through which they collectively manage affairs.
They had often talked about making more money, but collectively they had felt reluctant to change their ways.
But collectively, this directs the resources of the country.
For sometimes the culture surmises an individual personality, collectively.
All vertebrates that live on land--from humans to alligators to birds--are collectively known as tetrapods, meaning four feet.
Collectively, these are regarded as the oldest known musical instruments.
Impacts of comets or asteroids-- collectively known as bolides--are an important part of the history of the solar system.
Those colorless combinations of oxygen and sulfur--collectively known as sulfates--have a chemical affinity for water.
It also seems that they collectively feel that the work they are doing is so urgent that it justifies shortcuts.
Hardly a reason to be confident in the ability of the system to prevent collectively suicidal behavior.
The skeptics could be saying that they are smarter not only than individual scientists but all of us collectively.
We collectively suffer from a delusion of destiny from our need to find meaning and purpose.
These things collectively say that this is a boys' club, and you can't belong.
The alarm was sounded too early and too shrill and is now being collectively ignored.
But if you accept that millions of people betting with their wallets collectively know best, there is little cause for panic.
It's that star-crossed time when our species seem to collectively reach out for salvation.

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