collective memory in a sentence

Example sentences for collective memory

But each time it rumbles, it sends a shudder through the local collective memory.
We will be allowed to catch a glimpse of a forgotten world, which has disappeared from humanity's collective memory.
The faster the world changes, the more important it becomes for firms to stem collective memory loss.
It was in conflict with the collective memory of the nation.
Their children and grandchildren are here and their legacies: in buildings and businesses or in the town's collective memory.
In war, collective memory is shaped by rulers, armies and civilians.
These communities of our collective memory valued loyalty and the offer of helping hands.
Libraries are also our collective memory, since history and human experience are best preserved in writing.
The epic is the collective memory of a people, offering poetic memory as a way to transcend the afflictions and losses of history.
Collective memory, great planning, textbook mothballing process helped revive unique test facility.
One that is probably fresh in our collective memory is the number of wildfires that the city responded to last year.
Rather, it's a collective memory that continually lives and breathes within us all.
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