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Example sentences for collective farm

If you lived in the countryside, you worked on a collective farm.
There were also fishing camps, collective farm camps, and factory camps.
In its conception the drama of the collective farm and its growth as a community of the unemployed is a drama of idealism.
There he goes to work on what is euphemistically called a collective farm.
The compact called for dividing the collective farm into plots by family and then letting each family keep the profits.
Agriculture has been significantly strengthened after the elimination of the collective farm system.
Owners of privatized farms regularly compelled former state or collective farm workers to pick cotton.
Farmers had a difficult time getting access to machinery or other necessities without being in a collective farm.
The livestock was distributed in a similar manner to families living within collective farm villages.
The practice denounced was that of parcelling out parts of a collective farm to small teams, or sub-groups, of collective farmers.
The existence of smaller parcels that previously comprised a single farm militates in favor of a single collective farm.
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