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Contingent faculty have made strides in collective bargaining, but the management of their unions is one realm beyond their reach.
Collective bargaining is a good strategy when looking to get the best price on a given product or service.
However, the rights for collective bargaining were still maintained.
Most are at the mercy of local middlemen and aren't well organized for collective bargaining power.
Six different ways the fight over collective bargaining rights was costly.
But collective bargaining is a means rather than an end.
His state's feisty public-sector unions enjoy extremely favorable laws governing their collective bargaining.
Even if collective bargaining fails to produce successful compromises, the next step is not inevitably government wage-fixing.
US law allows a new owner to renegotiate existing contracts after a purchase, even to reopen collective bargaining.
The fight over pensions is not unlike the one over collective bargaining or salary caps.
Because they have collective bargaining every few years, they are well aware that they have to give up wages to get health care.
The right to collective bargaining is part of our system.
There are also signs of new flexibility in the one-size-fits-all system of collective bargaining.
The main mechanism whereby unions affect pay and conditions is collective bargaining.
Collective bargaining simply means a discussion of workplace issues by both sides.
Yes, the governors are making a big mistake in trying to destroy collective bargaining.
Although collective bargaining is not the only reason for the governments' woes, it has been a factor.
Without some type of collective bargaining power, workers will almost definitely be taken advantage by their employers.
He has postponed reforms to pensions and collective bargaining until next year.
He also wants to make collective bargaining more flexible.
Same kind of question if the same faculty had collective bargaining or not.
Typically, there is no negotiating if pay schedules and/or collective bargaining exist at the school in question.
Collective bargaining, technology leaders say, can bring high-end services to campus at lower prices.
Thousands of non-tenure-track faculty members today can choose to have their interests represented through collective bargaining.
Some graduate students at elite universities fight the push for collective bargaining.
Understanding of and commitment to the legislated mandate of shared governance and the collective bargaining process.
The good news is that you don't have to get rid of collective bargaining rights to solve the problem.
Changes to the pension system should be negotiated through collective bargaining.
Police, for one example, cannot strike so collective bargaining is their only option to negotiate with their employer.
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