collection agency in a sentence

Example sentences for collection agency

However a common tactic is to have a levy on lubricant sales which finances a collection agency.
Once your loans go into default, your lender would probably turn your account over to a collection agency.
One reason they might feel better: fewer medical bills sent to a collection agency.
The loan might be turned over to a collection agency.
Pretty soon a collection agency is going to take over his furniture.
Please provide us with the collection agency's name along with your name and delivery address.
If you fail to pay or respond to a ticket, it may be referred to our collection agency to obtain payment.
What to do if you're having trouble with a collection agency.
Details on how to apply for a collection agency license.
Each collection agency must have a licensed manager who personally supervises the office of the collection agency.
In order to be considered for inclusion, the collection agency must agree to the conditions set forth in this policy.
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