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As the collection grew over the years, gallery space was lost to storage.
Building a research-library collection has been an educated guessing game.
Museums tend to insure for the largest sums, because of the size of their art collection.
His is also a collection of negatives, a logical fallacy if there ever was one.
Our fossil collection is already the world's largest.
However, state legislators this year will consider a bill to permit the collection of water for irrigation.
All right, admit it: you're smart enough to know that your comic collection probably won't make you a millionaire.
In theory, however, collection agencies could go after any property inherited from the deceased.
But lawyers for the government say that prohibiting the collection practice would.
Collection and quarantine regulations would prevent the plants from being sent to other countries quickly.
Search our collection of great recipes for every occasion.
There wasn't even money available to take care of the algal collection that had been so painstakingly created.
Facilitate the collection of late tuition payments and fees.
Running one of these collection points, where the milk is tested and weighed, is a position of great honour.
Interpreting a collection of observations is a science in itself.
Give a random collection of art pieces museum-worthy treatment.
With all these people throwing their spare won into the collection plate, mega-churches have become big businesses.
The collection of this tax would be simple and far easier to control against fraud and evasion.
White wall and trellis set off a collection of colorful birdhouses.
Collection development became a mere matter of maintaining database subscriptions recommended by faculty.
But until now, collection targets have not been mandatory.
Serve one or two selections before dinner, or offer a collection for an appetizer party.
They form the backbone of academic social-science data collection in our nation.
And the collection is about to receive some important new-and rare-specimens.
It also makes for a bright and humid home for a collection of happy houseplants.
It was the kind of collection that hundreds of scholars would find interesting.
It is the unique record of some far-flung collection of particles in the early universe.
We've picked up on all three approaches in this collection of warming winter dishes.
It must be used in concert with other data collection to truly be useful.
And if you're an academic in the humanities, you've probably got a substantial and ever-expanding collection of books.
All but four of the pieces are original to the collection.
Entrepreneurship is the special collection of skills possessed by an entrepreneur.
Not all professors are upset by the online test collection.
The haute couture collection that he is to present towards the end of this month will be his last.
The idea is to bring the library's collection to you wherever you are online.
All of them might have remained the personal collection of this self-described pack rat.
In humans, it is about the size of an almond, housing a motley collection of neurons.
Several months ago, an editor of a major journal in my little field of history asked me to review a collection of essays.
The city can even offer a free compost collection service, then turn around and sell the compost to farmers.
They supply a collection kit that comes with nine vials pre-loaded with cookie crumbs.
Unite unruly stacks by showcasing a collection of objects of similar shape and color.
Secondary benefit will include a collection of data regarding the prevalence of non reportable diseases by location and time.
Inexpensive pegboard and paint become instant artwork when paired with a collection of tools.
If you choose to bake only one cookie from this collection, make it these bites.
Bake up a batch then order your copy for the ultimate collection of festive sweets.
She designed the entire collection, obsessing over every exotic fold and metallic clasp.
If the software recognizes the face, it's matched with the appropriate name from other pictures in the collection.
In addition to other imaging projects, it contains a large collection of lung cancer cases followed throughout their therapy.
The device contains a microprocessor powered by a commercial radio-frequency reader that doubles as a data-collection device.
Maximum collection by reflection, but zero collection surface also not good.
To the extent such questions are answered, this is a collection of case studies as much as historical essays.
They were among the first to see their field as a unified engineering science, not merely a collection of isolated specialties.
And it's all thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones--the ultimate data-collection machines.
It could also fit into the national recycling programs, since an infrastructure for collection and recycling already exists.
But instead of looking at a collection of facial features locally, it examines the face as a whole.
Roughly half of your short-story collection is made up of historical stories.
Read the full collection of the campaign's strategy memos and emails.
In your new collection the protagonists are varied in terms of gender and age and point of view.

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