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He hoped, once someone came to get him, to appear calm and collected.
He's way too calm and collected to have not done drugs.
We take seriously your interest in how your information is collected and used.
He also collected his fourth stolen base of the season.
We've collected a winning lineup of fall recipes featuring the season's star ingredient: the pumpkin.
After you have collected clippings of the leaves you wish to use, gather stems into bunches of four or five.
To order a book of her collected essays, click here.
He's studied them, collected specimens that are displayed all over his property, and now written a remarkable book about them.
Not only that, but he collected both in the same field, general studies.
The police forwarded information they collected about seven students to the university's judicial program.
Information is being collected and disseminated at an exponential rate.
Mink for dissection are purpose bred and were not collected from wild populations.
Before the plants reach the molecular labs of modern science, they're collected with hand clippers and preserved in newspaper.
As a group, they will formulate a question about the water data they've collected and/or about the data on the website.
State wildlife officials said they have collected live fish and will collect more in the coming months to monitor the situation.
The data collected is used to redirect water traffic and implement safer fishing practices to keep these whales safe.
Data from the images are collected in a computer database, revealing any changes that have occurred.
We soon collected under the kitchen's frost-ridden blue tarp.
They are, he said, based on limited samples of water salinity and temperature collected over five decades.
Seeds from the soaring trees were collected and distributed, and it soon became a popular ornamental in home gardens.
Normally when samples of bacteria, insects or fungi are collected from homes, it is by people interested in killing them.
It collected microscopic particles with a gel-covered device resembling a tennis-racket sized fly-swat.
In practice, the weirs would have guided fish to places where they could be easily collected.
The specimens will be the first extraterrestrial material collected from beyond the orbit of the moon.
Other resourceful inventions collected rainwater from buildings and plazas.
The key, scientists say, lies in how it is collected.
Nine of the clown fish and eight of the butterfly fish that were collected carried the barium isotope.
These collected poems are no fat volume but a thin book of only fifty lyrics, not one of which overruns its page.
When the mice were infected with prions, ubiquitins collected in their brains.
But he knew that art mattered, both for a grand homme and a serious nation, and he collected hotly.
As of this week rescuers had collected hundreds of oiled birds, turtles and mammals.
Indeed, plenty of people suspect that lorry-loads of stuff collected for recycling end up in landfill instead.
Rather than conduct its own measurements the group collected data from various official agencies.
Until now, such data as was collected was so inconsistent as to be practically useless.
Two years ago, the long-awaited volume of his collected poems was published.
He made sure rubbish was still collected and the police were still on the beat.
No guns were collected from the scene, and the victims said the police's claims were bunk.
His diesel engine runs on oil collected from the kitchen of a local pub.
The protection money is collected every few months, and varies according to the ranchers' ability to pay.
What has become increasingly contentious is the question of how many species can be counted among what has already been collected.
Late that night he arrived, collected the jewels, jumped into a taxi.
Some museums collected paper and containers and bottles.
They also built rocker boxes and flumes with baffles in which the gold collected.
The more samples that are collected, the more accurately the researchers can estimate what the entire archive holds.
During the two years, they collected data from dozens of storms and tornadoes.
If his cronies tried to double-cross him, he had them arrested, to be tried and hanged-then collected the bounty.
Astronauts grew the rose in a special chamber and collected its oils.
The juice is collected in plastic tubs and poured into the huge vat that's placed over a powerful outdoor burner.
There is no rhyme, no system to what he has collected.
He ground through his entire repertoire while the little monkey extended his cap and collected every penny the children had saved.
Buckets below collected the fish dust, presumably to be sold as scrap, alongside the piles of fish heads lying around on tables.
All they have to do is post a few quotes collected from around the office each day.
The lists could be collected and consolidated into a database.
Autographs so diverse, and collected from sources so various, have seldom been found in juxtaposition.
His father then collected the pesos, and they headed off.
In every neighborhood, she collected wireless names-a city dweller's version of catching butterflies.
He collected five hundred and fifty dollars and bought two barrels of leeches, but they all died.
Long collected books that supposedly improved moral character.
Remarkably, she was acquitted, and is said to have collected on her husband's thirty-thousand-dollar life insurance policy.
All revenues thus collected will be used to build public housing for the meek.
Moreover, at the end of three months they had not collected any money at all.
Heavy metals from the inorganic dross will be collected and sold as scrap.
The sub's robotic arm located the sponge and collected enough to resume the search for a cancer cure.
He collected photographs of faces the world deemed beautiful and began measuring their dimensions.
No one had collected seeds, and no plants were in cultivation.
The whole cell finally disintegrates into pieces to be collected by macrophages, the immune system's sanitation engineers.
The trickle of data that distant-galaxy hunters once collected has now turned into a veritable geyser.
The waves bounce off the skin and are collected by a receiver.
Hicks collected several bodies and sent them to labs around the country.
Yet he seemed unable to tell us why he had collected all this stuff.
As she collected her gear, she heard a high-pitched scream.
To solve the mystery, the researchers collected a shower of data using optical equipment over a period of several years.
But rudimentary as it is, the information that has been collected is enough to dispel some egregious myths.
These heady days were marked by discovery as naturalists collected the fauna and flora of previously uncharted regions.
The obvious next step was to investigate how he had collected his material and what he had been trying to achieve.
All public officials are liable for all public money received or collected by them or by their subordinates under color of office.
She collected costumes from the era and learned its crafts and folkways.

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