collateral damage in a sentence

Example sentences for collateral damage

He bombed a specific military target, accepting that there would be collateral damage.
And while the game allows players to use drones, they don't do collateral damage.
He was encouraged in this change of heart by the housing collapse, in which the market for lawn seed was collateral damage.
When that happens, future parties with more sympathetic cases become collateral damage.
But since you want to make sure legitimate messages don't become collateral damage, filters have to stay a little bit loose.
The destruction of bacteria is simply collateral damage.
Sure, there will be some collateral damage, but it is less of a risk then allowing these theatrics to continue.
Collateral damage is wrecking our image around the world.
So far, the evidence is that robots are much more precise and so there is far less collateral damage.
Yes the network approach to describe the collateral damage is fine but it is not the network which caused triggered the melt down.
Its pilots have bombed selectively, keeping collateral damage to a minimum.
The bad news, though, is that foreclosure is costly and high rates of it can cause plenty of collateral damage.
But even if no wrongdoing at its papers is proved, they could still suffer collateral damage.
But then, has there been any war which was won, without collateral damage.
As long as there is a return, lets not worry about collateral damage.
It quite probably would have required an ongoing war with significant collateral damage.
There will be collateral damage to the press and our civil liberties.
Minimizing collateral damage has become a major constraint in modern war fighting.
By reducing the collateral damage, he was making nuclear weapons more acceptable, and therefore more likely to be used.
Fictionists were granted their fictions with less collateral damage to their biographies in those days.
Collateral damage is minimal, the world is saved, and nobody even noticed.
According to our guidelines they all require effective police activity, which involves no legitimate collateral damage.
No invocation of collateral damage or legitimate defense can excuse such wanton killing.
The case was settled, but the collateral damage was severe.
And the answer was that the collateral damage was sufficient to knock out a telephone system that was highly centralized.
It's time for us all to have the courage to accept that verdict and find a way to limit the collateral damage.
But the principals again expressed concerns over the intelligence, and possible collateral damage, and decided against the strike.
By comparison, the new-generation drugs are precision-guided missiles that zero in on tumors with a minimum of collateral damage.
Stuff gets blown up without any thought of collateral damage.
It does not matter to our politicians how much collateral damage is caused by their decisions.
Collateral damage in order to have a vibrant city was several diverse news bureaus.
The pilots confirmed that it wasn't a coalition aircraft and that no collateral damage would result from a shoot-down.
Collateral damage to buildings, airplanes, or persons on the ground was determined for each accident.
Most of the wind damage was to trees with collateral damage to power lines, homes, and cars.
Even the slightest thermal stress or shock creates intolerable collateral damage.
Delays in missions can result where high casualties or collateral damage are estimated.
It appeared that no collateral damage was caused by the drifting rig and no pollution was reported.
Sometimes, a phrase such as collateral damage is a euphemism to gloss over reality or hide the truth or information.
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