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Example sentences for collared

Mink-collared grandmothers are settled in firmly, ready to enjoy the pageant.
The animals in question are birds-collared flycatchers, to be specific.
Three of the other collared animals have also been killed in the past few months, their faces hacked off to get at the tusks.
These birds come in two widely recognised species: the pied flycatcher and the collared flycatcher.
Middle of winter, wearing nothing but a long-sleeve collared shirt.
The wheel floats gracefully in empty space, collared in magnetic bearings that never quite touch its whirling axle.
Then she put on her golden-brown, fur-collared ski jacket, over a white turtleneck sweater and tailored fawn slacks.
Famous for thick-collared draft beer and rude waiters.
During warmer weather you may see wild wolves or track radio-collared wolves in the wilderness.
The dress code mandates no denim and requires a collared shirt.
Collared shirts are a must, whether polo shirts or button-downs.
Wear them with a cashmere sweater, a cotton top or a collared button-down.
Bring slacks, jeans, collared shirts for casual dining nights.
Khaki pants are comfortable and practical for tropical touring, but look chic when paired with a collared shirt for dinner.
Pay close attention to the cruise's dress code: slacks, dresses and collared shirts are preferred when you're not in the pool.
Soft spikes and collared shirts are required attire.
The only dress code requirement is a collared shirt.
Collared pikas are small mammals within the same order as rabbits and hares.
Biologists are using radio telemetry to locate the radio-collared rabbits eight times each week during both day and night.
Wildlife managers reintroduce collared lizards to restored habitats.
Please provide the following information when reporting a collared mute swan.
Unlike many lizards, collared lizards can not cast off and regenerate the tail.
The collared bears are a subset of the total number of bears that use this area.
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