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Example sentences for collaborators

Knight refused to have collaborators and rejected almost all criticism.
Field and his collaborators had established that bats were the reservoir.
Second, the library sees its users as collaborators in improving the collections the library already has.
Minter was part of the long line of would-be collaborators too, as he explains.
Also tells about his famous temper and the difficulties his collaborators have had working with him.
The site came to dominate the waking hours of all four collaborators, whose formal educations were neglected.
The relationship between the former collaborators has deteriorated into barely veiled animosity.
Maybe you need some equipment or collaborators at the national lab.
Check out this video of him messing around in the studio with one of his regular collaborators.
Overall, however, advocates and corrections officials on the expert committees were willing collaborators in a joint venture.
Moreover, the two parties are the opposite of natural collaborators.
Few actors have been more astute in their choice of collaborators.
Today, they would have had a host of collaborators in such an effort.
Gu and his collaborators determined that the same principles apply to forest canopies.
Fearful of being dubbed collaborators, the protesters have called off rallies until the end of the month.
The creativity of migrants is enhanced by their ability to enroll collaborators both far-off and nearby.
Collaborators usually know their customers well and have strong brands, and so tend to feel relaxed about sharing.
Hopefully such lists of communist collaborators agents and informers will be all similarly open to the public in the near future.
She and her collaborators came up with a clever way to use mobile phones to reach reticent sufferers.
Many wikis allow for anonymous contributions, but your fellow collaborators will appreciate knowing who said what.
Later she and her collaborators scanned the brains of a group of volunteers as they listened to a recording of her story.
Beneficial gut bacteria can become virus collaborators.
Invaders, it seems, often rely on local collaborators.
The final decision to submit for publication was the responsibility of all study collaborators.
Collaborators and researchers who cited his results are scrambling to make sense of it all.
We have also received the mentorship and support of many esteemed collaborators.
The names of partners, collaborators, and friends came and went.
Map of project collaborators and descriptions of their primary contributions.
In another sense, natural gas and renewable technologies have features that make them natural collaborators.
The data provider is responsible for confirming all collaborators before listing them.

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