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The collaborative now plans to expand its scope to include tenured professors.
Collaborative leadership is a model whose time appears to have come in business as well as business education.
Greg has created not only a scientific tool, but also a major collaborative research program engaging scientists worldwide.
Wikis, blogs and other collaborative web technologies could usher in a new era of science.
Museums have always represented collaborative efforts.
With collaborative tools, disaster-response teams and relief workers can identify risk zones and emerging threats more rapidly.
Now collaborative learning platforms enable students and teachers to stay connected wherever they are, night and day.
Social networks can foster collaborative projects and help students create relationships around the globe.
Learn about each of the partners in this collaborative effort to restore the ocean's health and productivity.
Net-integrated collaborative writing software mirrors new workplace methods and raises the quality of students' work.
Collaborative writing is not as common as it should be in the humanities.
Yet creating a collaborative culture is a challenge that requires the right mindset and tools to flourish.
Our artists have similar styles, they depict a similar degree of detail, and they know they're part of a collaborative work.
At the time, there was no formal mechanism for such collaborative efforts.
Now thanks to collaborative software and lots of volunteers, voters can find out who they are, and how they plan to vote.
Research is collaborative and spans the physical, natural, and social sciences.
For modern science is generally a collaborative effort.
The collaborative effort could provide the basis for a new records system for the museum.
We seek a dedicated professional, with a collaborative approach to join our dynamic and growing program.
Establish and/or maintain collaborative relationships with government, public and private organizations.
Indeed, the concept of collaborative e-commerce makes sense only if applications have a common language.
Facilitating collaborative partnerships to improve bear research, conservation, and husbandry of captive and free-ranging bears.
Yet the relationship between the two drinks is oddly collaborative.
This, in turn, means they can become collaborative qubits.
Her creative collaborative spirit was an inspiration to many.
The university system is working on collaborative efforts to build on initiatives that support cultural competence.
The theory is that learning to work together in the kitchen will enhance their collaborative skills in the office.
Second, this is a game with a strong collaborative narrative.
It has spurred efforts to dream up ambitious solutions to big problems, such as collaborative storage networks that let.
Commissioned art and illustration have always been collaborative between the artist, the editor and the client.
Contemporary science is also far more collaborative than non-scientists may imagine.
Maybe this will finally bring us practical public-private collaborative solutions that get things done efficiently.
These are used to locate conspecifics for mating and collaborative behavior.
Increasing public science literacy appears to be a collaborative effort between communicators.
Using a digital camera to show people portraits makes for a closer, more collaborative process-and richer rewards.
Collaborative research programs are bearing fruit across the nation.
The value of solitude and introversion in a world that praises collaborative creativity.
It has gone from idea through conversation through transcript to book, all as a collaborative effort.
The new site is a collaborative effort between six major hotel brands and features only their properties in the results.
There are still universities, but collaborative learning has replaced lectures.
As the previous article suggests, that could be particularly important in a collaborative, group-living species such as humanity.
Wikis are collaborative web pages that allow readers to edit and contribute.
Strangely, for one so active in our field and so collaborative, he remained a loner.
We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world.
State officials emphasize a collaborative approach with industry leaders to address the problem.
Participants collected cards hidden across campus that were used as prompts for collaborative storytelling projects.
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