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Example sentences for collaboration

Part of the fun of producing this meal was the collaboration.
New advances in information technology have made such collaboration much easier and more common.
Games can improve our social connections, and they can provide a huge arena for collaboration.
It would require years of collaboration and research across many different scientific and financial disciplines.
Most research requires collaboration, and it's easy to imagine your personal benefit.
There are groups of people that work in collaboration on such things.
In some ways, this collaboration kept communication open and may have contributed to the peace that followed.
Therefore it would be great to see it available as an open educational resource modelling sustainability and collaboration.
People in positions of trust, with media collaboration, have violated the principles of the scientific method.
In addition, it will enable better collaboration among caregivers and provide the tools to focus on patient wellness.
From legal research to biotechnology, open-business practices have emerged as a mainstream way for collaboration to happen online.
Two suggest they are functional-either serving to attract mates or fostering social cohesion and thus collaboration.
What this sort of collaboration will mean for the running of the company and the protection of trade secrets is an open question.
Moreover, unlike art, science is a collective activity that demands collaboration.
So far the financial performance of the collaboration has been disappointing.
Such collaboration is becoming part of the business-education environment.
Residing on the web, these new applications and services inherently lend themselves to collaboration, sharing and participation.
Although many non-profits talk about collaboration, few do much of it in practice.
All talk is about open source, collaboration, innovation and creating something out of nothing.
Blogger revealed itself when he was frustrated with something bigger: collaboration software.
Developing online and blended learning programs requires research and collaboration.
We value civility, collaboration, and participatory decision-making.
So the project involved some thinking outside the box and lots of collaboration.
Increasing collaboration at the graduate and faculty level is one focus of the new network.
Not easy to realize, convince admin and so on, but still done in expectation of delayed but productive research collaboration.
The best way to be kept in mind is to start an actual collaboration with someone on teaching, research or some sort of service.
The employer, in collaboration with the intern and the internship coordinator, should complete a formal written evaluation.
If there was a connection and potential for collaboration, then go ahead.
We are developing new digital-research tools to encourage and support collaboration.
Perhaps collaboration with faculty colleagues could compensate for the lack of graduate students.
All that was left to do was to test the new communications and collaboration system in its element-disaster scenarios.
Opposition political parties are weak and compromised by collaboration with the military.
Paper was important not to facilitate creative collaboration and thought but as an instrument of control.
Nonetheless, musicians have had access to a number of different kinds of online collaboration software.
The goal is to make collaboration easier and to log different people's usage over many sessions.
Researchers end up pollinating other projects with insights and ideas, within a hive of serendipitous collaboration.
Collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation.
It's not in a company's interest to put a tax on collaboration, since the outcome will be less collaboration.

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