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In many ways, colic is still as much of a mystery to medical science as it is to the parents who must endure it.
Star anise teas are also believed to treat colic in babies.
Soy-based formulas have not been proven to help with milk allergies or colic.
You're through the colic and the round-the-clock feedings and you even have something that resembles a schedule.
Whether it's true colic or mere displeasure is of little consequence.
They are also prone to a higher incidence of colic than larger breeds, possibly because of their shorter gut.
The stabling includes a solarium, paddocks where horses graze and spring water warmed to avoid colic and other problems.
Others go through contortions to exhibit intestinal colic.
The owner tried to get her up by whipping her on orders from a veterinarian, who suspected that she had colic.
The small intestine is a convoluted tube, extending from the pylorus to the colic valve, where it ends in the large intestine.
The right colic flexure is situated in the upper and right angle of intersection of the subcostal and right lateral lines.
He also had two bouts with colic, which nearly killed him.

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Everyone nowadays lives through too much and thinks through too little: they have a ravenous appetite and colicmore
this quilt might be the only perfect artifact a woman would ever see, yet she did not doubt what we had forgotten, that ... more
Diseased nature oftentimes breaks forth In strange eruptions; oft the teeming earth Is with a kind of colic... more
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