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Ask a defense worker about the cold war and chances are he/she was all for fighting it.
Both films reflect the scientific and global realities of the cold war era.
Of course thanks to some idiotic cold war treaties that is impossible.
Think of it as a peace dividend from the end of the cold war.
It was at odds, he felt, with the issues facing the country after the cold war.
But its depths have boiled with intrigue, no more so than in the cold war.
In one, the speech was the event that led to the end of the cold war.
The last time this sort of optimism was fashionable was during the giddy aftermath of the cold war, a decade ago.
Those who campaigned against nuclear weapons during the cold war are unlikely to change their tune.
By contrast, the end of the cold war was hardly devastating.
With the end of the cold war their interests sometimes coincide.
During the cold war space was largely thought of as part of the rarefied but terrifying domain of nuclear warfare.
The state also has an awesome ability to reinvent itself-as it did when its defence industry collapsed at the end of the cold war.
But that was an easier argument to make during the cold war.

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Let us not be deceived—we are today in the midst of a cold war.... more
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