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Unlike the former examples, it does not refer to a verse taken from poetry, but to a self-coined saying.
It was coined solely for his purposes in writing this brief piece.
In the nineteen-eighties, he helped pioneer the field of virtual reality, and he is often credited with having coined the term.
Deniability was a defense she mastered long before the word was coined.
It's a word retailers coined to describe clothes priced to bridge the gap between expensive and moderate.
The second is that having coined it, he pushes it no further than it ought to be pushed.
She also coined the term debug was when she found the cause of an error that was actually a moth stuck in the machine.
Either you coined this term before, or it was invented by someone else.
One of my serious beefs with science is the poor way terminology is coined, but you really can't blame the scientists.
They have coined a new term to describe its unique status: pre-failed state.
During this period the term terrorism was first coined.
Such coined words are the sign of a poor writer trying to impress the reader.

Famous quotes containing the word coined

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