coincidentally in a sentence

Example sentences for coincidentally

Coincidentally, a department chairman had written with a similar request a few weeks earlier.
Perhaps not coincidentally, both are of great significance to conservatism as a theoretical tradition and historical practice.
Not so coincidentally, that obfuscation seems deliberate somehow on the author's part.
The hydrogen atom has two energy levels that coincidentally seem to have the same energy.
But, she adds, it's also easy for buildings to be coincidentally aligned with astronomical features.
Animals in the wild or the zoo could react to other environmental factors, when coincidentally an earthquake occurs.
It has the lowest rate of obesity in the nation, and not coincidentally, about the lowest rate of diabetes.
Not coincidentally, they also register the smallest gains in test scores in their first two years in college.
Not coincidentally, many of the populists have been military officers.
They are, not coincidentally, the village's poorest people.
The police appear to have suddenly disbanded, and coincidentally, there is now widespread looting and robbery.
None of these are going to happen in our lifetime, and probably not coincidentally.
Such survival strategies coincidentally fight diseases in people as well.
Coincidentally, atmospheric winds were circling strongly that day.
Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery.
Coincidentally, he withdrew from last year's edition, but it was due to the flu.
Not coincidentally, this was shortly after flowers first appeared.
It was, coincidentally, a moment of national trauma.
Not at all coincidentally, billions of dollars also found their way to lawyers who cut themselves in for mind-boggling fees.
It may only coincidentally line up with the other two.
It's possible it's unrelated to the other two, and coincidentally nearby.
The thing is, in that single image above you can't be sure if the object is a moon or a coincidentally placed background star.
Not coincidentally, it has unique properties that make it difficult to mimic.
Coincidentally, emergency responders were in a special training session near by.
Not coincidentally, those same things would be go-to fodder for her show time and again.
Coincidentally, they begin to take a renewed interest in what is the coldest case in their files.
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