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Example sentences for coincident

His return, coinciding with the birth of his grandson, is not a coincident.
It is generally accepted that the origins of divergence of form are coincident with the processes of speciation itself.
It would also be interesting to know if there was a coincident cardiac arrest.
The ring fractures from the caldera-forming eruptions are roughly coincident with the caldera.
Another suggestion is that there were two more or less coincident eruptions, one each in northern and southern hemispheres.
Coincident with this, two outside factors came into play.
Its general decline is, moreover, coincident with the opening of a period of remarkable development in the gas industry.
First, a cause doesn't necessarily need to be coincident to a climax.
The real clincher is the coincident numeric value of the flattening.
It's coincident with inflating probabilities entangling with boundlessly propagating perception.
The flags of these respective observers are not coincident.
Of course if one were to transform to this distant frame the light cone coincident with our galaxy would appear turned away.
The turning points of coincident indicators tend to coincide with turns in the aggregate economy.

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