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It is a coincidence that the show opened in the current delicate economic climate.
These successor categories all have the quality of sounding more scientific, which is no coincidence.
Here there was no symbolization but a conversion through coincidence.
But all this is accompanied by arbitrary procedure and over-ingenious exploitation of coincidence.
If those approaches tend to focus on the individual, it probably isn't a coincidence.
After all, he was the one who experienced this uncanny coincidence.
It's no coincidence that these are all images of ingestion, of a feast that has gone far past the point of pleasure.
It is no coincidence government takeover of healthcare is packaged with direct lending.
When the first body was discovered, it seemed a coincidence.
Now scientists are exploiting this coincidence to treat the cancer with a vaccine that targets the virus and slows tumor regrowth.
To me, an unexplained coincidence can be a tell-tale sign of a gap in our scientific understanding.
As it turns out, this coincidence could not have been more propitious.
But the finding brings to the fore another question: the so-called cosmological coincidence.
Many experts from around the world state that many of the predictions that this program predicted are way beyond coincidence.
Most likely, scientists say, their near coincidence is merely a statistical fluke.
Only gradually does counterevidence emerge, showing that the initial correlation stemmed not from causation but coincidence.
But the difference is a curious coincidence with the discrepancy against well established relativity.
The orientation along line of sight is pure coincidence.
The article implies there is causation but in truth this might be coincidence.
As to the findings of soft dinosaur tissue, some people always omit the power of coincidence or other supporting evidence.
The similarity in appearance between auroras and neon lights is no coincidence.
It's no coincidence that great scenery and great waterfalls go together.
He had been studying electricity and magnetism and realized that they propagated through space at-coincidence-the speed of light.
So by sheer coincidence it became the oldest photograph.
It's not a coincidence that a disproportionate number of my cases involve a problem that started with this common situation.
But it's no coincidence they're all from the same state.
And what a coincidence that one of them is on my weekend menu.
Coincidence, or rather the ability to determine coincidence with sufficient confidence.
One explanation is that this is pure accident and that there is no deeper reason for the coincidence.
They argue that this is no coincidence: a basic level of law and order may be necessary for pirates to ply their dangerous trade.
It is surely no coincidence that the rise in the relative wages of financial professionals began at that point.
Chiefly, it creates much more room for coincidence and serendipity.
It is no coincidence that the span of each brood's cycle is a prime number of years.
The coincidence could mark a turning point in attempts to change the firm's culture and put past scandals behind it.
The malign coincidence of crash and election reinforces the difficulties.
But nothing so trivial or boring as mere coincidence is at work.
Other commenters noted that the design is likely a coincidence.
The reliance on coincidence or the fortuitous is often questionable, but the results at the same time are never quite incredible.
Handguns and criminal violence grew together apace, and national opinion leaders did not fail to remark on the coincidence.
It's no coincidence that trust in government is at an all-time low now that the size of government is at an all-time high.
If he remains a spectral figure, that is no coincidence.
It seems a happy coincidence that your novel was published the same year as the moon landing.
But, by design or coincidence, not a word about that infamous article was mentioned.
No accident or coincidence would have implicated you.
Even educated people can be surprisingly reluctant to accept simultaneous events as coincidence.
So right away, the math is telling us that these quakes are probably not really clustered, and it's a simple coincidence.
It's probably no coincidence that the northern elephant seal has also recently gone through a similar bottleneck.
It's probably no coincidence that scientists have found practically hardly any fossils of chimps or gorillas.
It's probably no coincidence that in drier forests, further from the equator, there are no extremely tiny frogs.
The coincidence allowed the doctor to obtain a rare human sample from the area of the shoulder operation.
Probably by coincidence it happens to appear to be between the arms of the closer galaxy, giving us a relatively clear view of it.
And it needn't be a big coincidence: the mediocrity principle can be opposed by the anthropic principle.
The apparent flatness astronomers observe isn't a coincidence--it is simply a product of the limits of our vision.
It isn't coincidence that these characters have such illnesses.
It's no coincidence that none of them have been big hits.

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